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Guo Guangcan



Guo Guangcan 


Standing Director of Chinese Optical Society, Director of Technical Committee on Quantum Cryptography-Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 


Mr. Guo Guangcan is a physicist, founder of Chinese Quantum Optics and Quantum Information. In 1990sMr. Guo Guangcan and his graduate student proposed the principle of “Quantum error-avoiding code” and “Probabilistic Quantum Cloning”, this has caused great repercussions in international arena. In 2000, he proposed “Preparation of two-atom entanglement using optical cavity” was confirmed by experiments by French scientist, Serge Haroche; and then Serge Haroche won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2012. 

In 2001, as the chief scientistMr. Guo Guangcan applied for the first “973” project of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the field of Quantum Information in China, this project laid the foundation for the development of Chinese Quantum Information. He has trained 5 academicians and more than 10 chief scientists through the “973” project in the Ministry of Science and Technology.  

Mr. Guo Guangcan created the first key laboratory in Chinese Quantum information——Key laboratory of Quantum information, Chinese academy of sciences; he led the team to develop the first Fiber Quantum Cryptography System successfully in China; in the experiment, they observed the volatility and particle nature of photons at the same time, it challenges Niels Bohr set by the principle of complementarity. Also, the team has developed the best Solid-State Quantum Memory in the world. 

In 2001, Mr. Guo Guangcan won the second prize in natural science in Chinese Academy of Sciences; In 2003, he won the second prize in natural science in China, moreover, he also awarded for scientific and technological advancement. In 2006 and 2007, he won the first prize in natural science, significant and technological advancement in Anhui Province; In 2013, Mr Guo Guangcan was elected to the “CCTV Scientific and Technological innovator”and won the first prize in Scientific inventions.