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Yu Wensheng


Yu Wensheng   


Chairman & President, Shenzhen Montnets Technology Development Co., Ltd 


Mr. Yu Wensheng found Shenzhen Montnets Technology Development Co., Ltd (“Montnets”) in 2001 and now acts as the chairman and president of Montnets. For management, Mr. Yu sets up strict requirements; for operation, he requires prudence, matter-of-fact attitude, and possession of core technology. Therefore, Mr. Yu has guided a small company of several members initially to develop into an excellent internet company with over 1,000 employees, tens of thousands of customers, and branches covering over 20 big and medium cities including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Today, Montnets has become a cloud communication provider with largest size and quickest development in China. As an important national hi-tech enterprise and one of the top 100 internet companies of China, Montnet has realized annual sales volume of CNY 2 billion, with the total market value exceeding CNY 10 billion. 

Before founding Montnets, Mr. Yu worked in KIRBY at Sidney of Australia and engaged himself in the research and design of motor automation. In 1994, he was engaged in software design in the telecommunication research institute of the U.S. Kings Group and mastered mobile communication technology; in 1997, Mr. Yu created the Zhuhai Yaqiang Electronics Co., Ltd to develop series of paging software and various wireless devices, which took up nearly 90% of the railway radio paging market share in China and laid solid foundation for the subsequent entry into the communication and internet field.