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Gintaras Vilda


Gintaras Vilda 


Vice-Minster of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania  


Mr. Gintaras Vilda born in 1965, he obtained a qualifying degree of Master of Electrical Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology. Mr. Fintaras Vilda is Vice-Minster of Economy of the republic of Lithuania. 

Mr. Gintaras Vilda was Director of LINPRA in Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association and Chairman of the Board of public body Intechcentras between 2014 and 2018; In 2013 to 2014, Mr. Gintaras Vilda was the Chief Production Officer and Member of the Board of UAB Arginta Engineering; He was Director of public body Republican Energy Professionals Training Centre between 2009 and 2013; In 2000 to 2003,Mr. Gintaras Vilda was Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union. 

Mr. Gintaras Vilda is proficient in two languages, English and Russian; his hobbies are Cycling, tennis, travelling and reading.