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Xie Guotong



Xie Guotong  


Chief Healthcare Scientist of Ping An Technology 


Guotong Xie is the Chief Healthcare Scientist of Ping An Technology, responsible for leading Ping An Healthcare AI Initiative to land AI solutions by leveraging its massive amount of medical data and access to patients, health providers and payers.   

Before joining Ping An, Guotong Xie leads Cognitive Healthcare Research in IBM Research – China, and co-leads Healthcare Informatics strategy for IBM global research. He has been working on artificial intelligence research for almost 15 years after joining IBM research, and transferred many research assets to IBM software and solution offerings. He has contributed to open source and international standard communities, published over 50 research papers in international conferences and journals, filed 40 patents and received 3 IBM research accomplishment awards. He was awarded Best of IBM in 2016.    

In recent five years, he focuses on developing cognitive healthcare technologies to discover evidence from enormous healthcare data and deliver the evidence to providers and patients for better care quality and safety. The research assets has been delivered to IBM Watson Health offerings and top clients & partners, including the most prestigious hospitals, pharmaceuticals, local government and healthcare IT providers.