14.- 18.November 2018 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
Chu Min

Name Chu Min 

Title Vice President & President of Beijing R&D Institute, AISpeech Co., Ltd. 


Dr. Chu joined AISpeech as the vice president recently. Her responsibility is to build up Aispeech Beijing R&D center. The new R&D center will focus on developing key technologies in knowledge-driven spoken dialogue systems and exploring new business and application opportunities. 

Before joining AISpeech, Dr. Chu spend 8 years with Alibaba, leading the R&D efforts in speech interaction area and supporting the speech interaction needs within the company (Yun OS, Alipay, Taobao, DingDing etc). 

Before Alibaba, Dr. Chu worked in MSRA for about 10 years. Her main research interests are in ASR, TTS, NLP, machine learning, big data etc. She has published 100+ academic papers and applied 30+ patents.