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Bill Zhou

Name: Bill Zhou 

Title: Bill Zhou, COO, Greater China Group, IBM Watson Health 


Mr. Debiao Zhou has more than 22 years of working experience in consulting companies and research & development institutions. He has profound academic knowledge and rich practical experience in big data and artificial intelligence. 

Mr. Debiao Zhou is responsible for the development of Watson Health business strategy and operation in China. Prior to this, he served as Executive Assistant to the Chairman of IBM Greater China Group for 7 months, supporting the development and execution of the corporate strategy. Until then, he had been the head of the Healthcare Industry in IBM Global Business Services for over 6 years, responsible for the financial KPIs of healthcare business. Mr. Debiao Zhou is familiar with the management consulting services and business transformation driven by technology innovations. As a senior industry expert, he has led many business transformation projects for hospitals and life science clients. He has extensive practical experience in adopting artificial intelligence technology in healthcare industry, especially in the areas of natural language processing and deep learning. 

Before joining IBM, Mr. Debiao Zhou had 2-year experience in running venture business after having worked for 9 years in SAP, starting from a technology researcher in SAP Lab. Mr. Debiao Zhou worked as a faculty member at Waseda University from 2008 to 2011, teaching big data analysis and data modeling. 

Mr. Debiao Zhou holds a technology patent and has published academic papers on professional industry journals.