14.- 18. November 2018 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
The Green Building Exhibition

Join Chinas NO.1 Technology Show 

China Hi-Tech Fair 2018 

November 14 to 18, 2018 

Hall 2, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 

Green Buildings  Industrial Upgrade 

CHTF 2017 presented 10,020 high-tech projects and 3,049 innovative companies from 46 countries and regions.     

It was a mega fair with an exhibition space of 120,000 square meters and received 592,000 visits from 102 countries and regions. 

1,500 journalists from 250 domestic and international media reported on the CHTF 2017   

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 I. About the CHTF 

The China (International) Hi-Tech Fair is the largest of its kind in China in terms of both scale and influence. It is deemed China’s No.1 technology show and staged in Shenzhen every autumn for 19 years in a row since 1999. The Fair witnessed a quick growth in its global appeal to the high-tech industry driven by the success of its highlight events like the Green Buildings Exhibition. The Exhibition is a joint effort by the CHTF organizing committee and the Shenzhen Green Buildings Association to fuel up the development of green building technology, a priority on the government agenda in line with the national strategy. It is a must-go show for visitors interested in business opportunities, inspirations and progress in green building planning and design, intelligent building, building energy efficiency control and green building materials etc. Year 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the CHTF.  As the Chinese saying goes, it takes 20 years to polish a sharp sword. All the hard work will be rewarded for a new start will commence. 

China’s No.1 Technology Show offers opportunities to  

——choose the best and be the best 

Professional commitment raises this annual technology gala to an international platform in high tech. Being part of such a resourceful net work is essential to any company interested in increasing its global profile and product popularity.  

——gain cooperation and business growth 

Its sufficient reach to professional visitors and the global appeal to international buyers, capitals, talents and technology will enable exhibitors to access target markets and gain growth in cooperation.  

——be in touch with the future 

Forums, seminars and the product launch on green technology help exhibitors to stay in touch with the pulse of the industry, be conscious of the progress in technology and lead the changes. 

——Stay innovative  

Inspired by the new technologies and business models presented in the CHTF, companies are open to new start-up models and opportunities for business and investment. 

II Why CHTF: Data matters  

i. CHTF is a high-level platform with international influence 

The CHTF took up an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters. 38 domestic exhibitor groups from provinces, autonomous regions, state controlled cities, municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan joined the Fair. 27 universities and institutes presented the well-orchestrated display of latest achievements. 49 foreign exhibitors group from 46 countries and the EU member states took part in the international pavilion, among which 27 are B&R countries. In total, 3049 exhibitors unveiled 10,020 high-tech projects and 592,000 profession visits were recorded in the CHTF 2017. And a total of 252 seminars and meetings were staged in the 6 days fair.  

Data collected by a third party survey company on site commissioned by the CHTF 2017 

Ii.  Precision in targeting leads to rise in professional visits  

The Green Buildings Exhibition will target at a diversified participation from relevant sectors, namely,  the regulators and inspection authorities, developers, real estates owners, hotel management groups, companies specialized in design, engineering and construction, engineering and design institutes, architecture firms, project developers and consultancy, suppliers of building materials, equipment or machinery.  . 

The CHTF 2017 received a total of 592,000 professional visits. The popularity index of professional visits registered 242, meaning an average of 242 professional visits to each both per day. Specifically, the popularity index of buyers reached 63, indicating that each day on average 63 buyers with interests or who did place orders visit each booth.   


Chart 1 index of professional visits (CHTF 2017)      Chart 2 index of buyers (CHTF 2017) 

Iii. Delivery of goal and rewarding experience attract veteran exhibitors 

Data collected by the third party survey company on site indicate that exhibitors are satisfied with the goal delivery of the exhibitions and lead to future commitment, signaled by the rise of veteran exhibitors.   

 Chart 3 exhibitor satisfaction stays at 93.66%    

Chart 4 over 70% exhibitors confirmed interest in CHTF 2018 

Iv. All round value added services increase market accessibility  

 Exhibitors are entitled to 

 *The launch of new product and technology, 

 *CHTF WeChat Vote  

*Media coverage by Product Previews on the CHTF website and features as cutting edge products recommended by the CHTF News Center,  

*theme visits and group buyers tours,  

*procurement meetings,  

*invitations to relevant technology seminars,  

*business visits, 

and access to the VIP lounge. 

 V. 360 degree media coverage raises product popularity   

The CHTF 2017 attracted strong interests from both mainstream and social media. Domestic coverage on the fair include reports by CCTV, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily and the Satellite TVs in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Jiangxi, and Hunan. It was also closely followed by Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao, Phoenix TV, South China Morning Post, Nikkei, PR Newswire and Financial Times. Feature stories were also covered by google.com, QQ.com, sina.com, sohu.com, gbwindows.cn, ccd.com.cn,  bmlink.com, and greenjn.cn.  

III. Exhibitions and Highlights 

The Exhibition features green building planning and design, prefabricated building technology, building information mode(BIM), the Sponge City, green construction, green building materials, green property operation and management, intelligence control system, renewable resources utilization and renovation of existing buildings.  

Highlights of the Exhibition will include the Green Home Pavilion, where a replicated green building will be set up to accommodate a diversity of green building technology and innovations on display. Visitors will have a personal experience with a “more livable, adaptable and sufficient” life space and come to a better understanding of “a harmonious coexistence between human and the nature.”     

IV  Professional seminars affiliated to the exhibitions  

Professional seminars on relevant topics lead to exchanges between the brilliant minds and set direction for the future of the industry. Previous key note speakers include: 

Mr. Wang Youwei, Director General of the China Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency Commission; 

Mr. Ye Qing, Chairman of the Shenzhen Academy of Building Research and green buildings specialist; 

Mr Wang Qingqin, Vice President of the China Academy of Building Research 

And Koh Lin Ji Group Director, International Development Department, Building and Construction Authority, SingaporeSingapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) 

V. Rentals  

Raw space:1,630 RMB per square meter  

Standard booth: 1,793 RMB per square meter 

Kindly note that 1. A standard booth includes company fascia, partitions, two spotlights,carpet,two folding chairs, one table and one socket. 2. Raw space is only open to applications larger than 36 square meters and a standard booth is 3 meters X 3 meters. 

Join the CHTF 2018 and join a new start 

For application, please contact Shenzhen China Hi-Tech Transaction Center  

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In collaboration with  

Shenzhen Green Buildings Association 

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Official website: www.cngbol.com 

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