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The Green Building Exhibition

China Hi-Tech Fair 2017

Green Buildings Exhibition

November 16th to 21st, 2017

Hall 2, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Green Buildings for Industrial Upgrading

 I. Noted Exhibition and Top Platform

China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) is an annual fair jointly held by China’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, State Intellectual Property Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. Being the largest of its kind in terms of scales and influence, it has successfully convened 18 sessions and won fame as a top exhibition for science and technology in China. The Green Buildings Exhibition is organized by China Hi-Tech Transfer Center and Shenzhen Green Buildings Association.

It is a state strategy to develop green buildings and address the pressing need for greenness in the construction industry. According to the thirteenth Five-Year Plan, in terms of the development of green and energy efficient buildings, the state will speed up the perfection of energy efficiency standards in construction, dramatically increase the proportion of green buildings among new architectures in both urban and suburban areas, incrementally improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, expand the use of renewable energy in building and obtain breakthroughs of energy efficiency for buildings in rural areas, with an aim to decrease the overall energy consumption, to encourage the application of green energy in architecture and to significantly promote the development of green buildings. The 2017 Green Buildings Exhibition, as a bellwether of the industry in the nation, will display the state of the art technologies and equipments in green building, the information technology in construction, the steel structure and wood structure construction as well as the prefabricated construction technology, which will make it a integrated platform for international cooperation between enterprises in the industry.

II. Exhibition Categories

Green building materials, building technology, BIM technology, green engineering, green building design and planning, intelligent operation, utilization of recycled resources and refurbishing of existing buildings.

III. Highlights

Green home, hope of the future and house of quality living.

The Green Home is a collective presentation of the application of the green building products developed by the exhibitors in a sample room. The theme of this pavilion is to modernize the industry for the green building era and exemplify the priorities in green building, I.e., the energy efficiency, land efficiency, water efficiency, material efficiency and environmental protection of green industry. Equipped with the cutting edge technologies and products the green home is the future for a quality living.

IV. Professional technology seminar

As a bellwether of the green building technology, the exhibition stages fascinating professional seminars to facilitate exchanges in the industry. Previous speakers include Dr. Ni Jiazan, senior Academician, Mr. Chen Liexian, researcher of the China Epidemic control and drafter of the National Air Purification Standard, Mr. Song Guangsheng, Director of the Indoor Environmental Protection Product QC and Examination Center of the Nation Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee, Mr. Ye Qing, renowned expert of Green Building and Chairman of the Shenzhen Construction Science Institute, Academician Deng Wenzhong, renowned maestro of bridge building, Mr. Fang Hongqiang, significant figure in China’s steel structures, and Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, expert of photon technology.

V. Rentals

Raw space:1,630 RMB per square meter

Standard booth: 1,793 RMB per square meter

Kindly be noted that A. a standard booth includes company fascia, partitions, two spotlights, carpet, two folding chairs, one table and one socket. B. Raw space is only open to applications larger than 36 square meters and a standard booth is 3 meters X 3 meters.

VI. Value Added Services

Exhibitors are also entitled to

* Presentation of your latest products in Green Home

* New Product and Technology Launch events

*CHTF WeChat Vote for the Top Ten Most Popular Products

*News coverage by Product Previews on CHTF website

*Features by professional reporters and media as cutting edge products recommended by the CHTF News Center

*Themed visits and group buyers tours

*Procurement fairs

*Invitations to relevant technology seminars

*Business visits and the access of VIP lounge.

VII. News Coverage

As the leading exhibition of China’s Science and Technology, the 18th session attracted news coverage from over 2441 reporters and 331 major news agencies at home and abroad. Renmin Ribao, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Economy Daily, China Daily, CNR, CCTV, CRI, Science and Technology Daily, China Youth News Paper (ZQB), China News Agency and their social media platforms all had features on the CHTF. And the Exhibition also had news coverage from TV programs like News Broadcast, Focus Report, News Room, and Morning News, as well as serial reports from Xinhua Net, People.cn, Sina.com, QQ.com and sznews.com.

VIII. Professional Visitors

Our last session received 589,000 professional visitors at home and abroad with the Professional Visitor Popularity Index standing at 240. The Purchase Popularity Index rose to a height of 60, which means an average of 60 purchases or interest for business everyday for each exhibitor. Professional visitors to the Green Building Exhibition include developers, design and consulting agencies, constructors, property management for industrial parks, malls and hotels, administrators and professional associations.

IX. Satisfaction of Exhibition

Polls on exhibitor satisfaction of the 18th CHTF conducted by a third party agency show high satisfaction from the exhibitors at 92.6%.

For application, please contact: the organizer, China Hi-Tech Transfer Center Hotline at 0086 755 8284 8857 (Mr. Shen Jiongxin), 755 8284 8856 (Ms. Wang Li) or 755 8284 8853(Ms. Zhang Miaomiao), or email to mmz@chtf.com, wl@chtf.com or sjx@chtf.com;

Co-organizer, Shenzhen Green Building Association (www.cngbol.com) at 0086 755 8369 2766, 0086 755 2393 1865 (Contact person: Yang Yu) or email to szlx003@126.com.

All you need is a click at www.chtf.com.