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CHTF IT Exhibition: AR/VR Being a Hot Spot & A feast of smart products
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2016-11-18

As the largest specialized product exhibition of CHTF, IT Exhibition aims to create a world-class brand exhibition. The imminent 18th CHTF IT Exhibition, themed by “Innovative and Smart IT for the Future”, will mainly display hot technologies, products and services in the new-generation IT field and hold relevant professional forums.

Over 600 overseas and domestic renowned enterprises will participate in the IT Exhibition of CHTF 2016, including Qualcomm, Viatech-HTC, Philips, China Electronics and Tongfang Co., Ltd. This year, both the size of exhibition area and the number of overseas exhibitors set a new record high.

By then, in “AR/VR” area, renowned enterprises in the AR/VR field from both home and abroad will showcase their products, including HTC, one of the three largest AR/VR helmet terminal markers in the world, 3GLASS, one of the top ten leading companies of AR/VR in China, as well as VR entertainment commercial solution providers from Beijing, Shenzhen, etc.

The “Wearables” area, “Intelligent Manufacturing” show and “Smart Home” displayed hall will gather a number of smart products and devices, such as Royole Moon, Royole’s positioned 3D head cinema, Shenzhen Bestfu’s Xiaobei face recognition cloud door locks and Shenzhen Han’s Laser’s new laser equipment.

Besides, a series of professional forums will be held at the same time, aiming to set up a service platform that promotes communication, trade and learning in the IT industry and shares science and technology achievements in the IT industry.