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2017 Global Internet of Everything Summit: Opportunities in Challenges
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-20

IoE, i.e. the Internet of Everything, a widely recognized new power engine of the world economy, is also an open ground for competition, where big economies of today compete for initiatives of the future. Statistics showed that an average of 5.5 million new devices join the Internet of Things everyday throughout the world and the value of the market is estimated to rise above US$ 100 billion by the end of 2018.

The gate of the ground was thrust apart early 2017, when self service retailing, precise medical care, intelligent manufacturing and scores of other new business patterns became a reality and respectively came to public knowledge. What used to hinder the productivity and efficiency of the civil society are being gradually removed and the boom of “unicorn” companies is on the way. The way in which industries are constructed, businesses compete and markets operate, is undertaking a big transformation. China, full of potentials in its IoT market, has an edge in quite a few frontiers and may take the lead shall the opportunities be properly taken.

In order to better address the opportunities carried by the wave of the IoE, the CWCISA, i.e., China Wearable Computing Innovative Strategic Alliance, joining hands with the China International High-Tech Transfer Center and the China Maker International Development Fund, staged the 6th CWCISA Summit and the 2017 Global IoE Summit under the umbrella of the 2017 CHTF. 600 professionals from the regulators, enterprises, investment and the information industry, and 150 representatives from the media joined the brainstorming on the topic of Opportunities and Challenges in IoE. The summit will reveal the diversity of engagement in the on-going start-up wave and the nation-wide innovation, shedding lights on how innovation gets increasingly integrated with intelligent hardware. History will remember it as a milestone in the development of IoE.

The summit will star a constellation of guest speakers. They are:

Chen Hongdi (Chairman of the Guangdong Clock and Watch Association),

Yang Xin (Deputy Secretary General of the CWCISA),

Yang Chunhui ( Director General of The fifth electronic research institute of MIIT),

Lin Jun (General Manager of China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute),

Jiang Wenjun ( Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chairman of the CWCISA),

Yu Mengsun (Secretary General of the CWCISA),

Chen Xuetao (Deputy Secretay General of the CWCISA),

Wang Qin (Director of the Office of Enterprise Management Study, China Academy of Social Science),

Jiang Tao (Founder, President of CSDN, Founding Partner of the Geek Founders),

Yue Liuping (Vice President of the Guangdong Clock and Watch Association and founder of the Guangdong Leyuan Digital Co.,Ltd.),

Xu Jian (Vice President of CUC Department, AsiaInfo),

Zhang Ming (CEO of ZGlue),

Li Zheng (Founder and President of XINZHI),

as well as representations from governmental organizations

The Summit, being a parallel forum of the 2017 CHTF will benefit from the resourceful platform of the Number One Exhibition of China in Science and Technology and serve as a facilitator of the further integration between the IoT and the real economy. As opportunities and challenges give birth to progress, the Global Internet of Everything Summit is a door to opportunities in the era of IoE.