2018/11/14-18 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
Closing Ceremony of CHTF: Diversity of Innovative Entities and Highlight of Intelligent Manufacturing
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-11-22

------Highlights of the closing ceremony of 19th CHTF 

On November 21, the 19th CHTF concluded after its six-day exhibition. Themed with “Innovation-Driven Development & Supply Quality Upgrade”, the fair intensively demonstrated the strategic achievements of the innovation-driven development since the 18th CPC National Congress.  

"Innovation" remains at the core in the development of CHTF. The 19th CHTF involves various sectors ranking from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, from the aerospace industry to the biomedical industry. As China’s "No.1 Scientific and Technological Exhibition” in real terms, CHTF has become the "bellwether" of scientific and technological development in China and even in the world. From product upgrading to scientific research and innovation in basic fields and then to the integration of Chinese and foreign science and technology, China has launched a new journey in scientific and technological development.  

Original innovation boosts industrial development 

A series of original innovation products, such as light-controlled brain, 3D bio-printing, carbon water-based conductive ink, IoT Low Power Communication network system, curved screen, enter from the laboratory into the fair, to the market, and towards industrialization. 

During this fair, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as a national team for scientific and technological innovation, organized 38 institutes to exhibit more than 310 innovative achievements with significant output potential in application categories.  

In its Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, the heavy-ion tumor therapy facility developed by the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and its holding company Lanzhou Kejin Taiji Coporation, Ltd is listed in the 13th Five Year Plan on Development of Strategic Emerging Industries with its intellectual property rights in China. "Traditional radiotherapy will kill normal cells when passing through human tissues, but heavy ions emitted from the facility have energy deposition spikes that can pinpoint the target volume of tumor, so the DNA double-strand in cancer cells break and the damage to healthy issues whiling killing those cells is minimized.” According to Ma Yizhun, the assistant researcher, it is unnecessary do to surgery if choosing heavy ion therapy, the treatment can be shortened by one-third. It is expected that the two demonstration facilities installed in Wuwei and Lanzhou respectively will put into use next year. 

According to Gao Yue, the Deputy Secretary-General of Organizing Committee of CHTF and the Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Municipal Government, 27 well-known universities exhibited various scientific research outcomes. They had 1704 new products and 539 novel technologies exhibited for the first time, such as robot 3D disordered sorting system, flying robot, infrared stealth clothing, smart city solutions, flexible ultra-fast charge-discharge battery, driverless technology, accounting for 22.4% of the total exhibit projects; 63 companies held special release activities for the new products and technologies. 65 innovative carriers at home and abroad brought 329 innovative start-ups to attend this fair, it is a new trend that more and more innovative carriers organize companies to participate in CHTF.   

Cross-border integration leads to fruitful results 

Intelligent products sampled as intelligent robots and unmanned aerial vehicles have become one of the hot spots at this CHTF. In fact, all kinds of flourished intelligent products benefit from China's vigorous development on the new generation of information technology in recent years. It is also the result of cross-border integration, interaction and technological innovation in different industries. Today, these products have integrated into all walks of life and thousands of households. 

According to Gao Yuyue, the 19th CHTF exhibited 10,020 hi-tech projects from 3,049 exhibitors in the areas of IOT, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection, AR / VR, Internet Plus, big data, smart city, aerospace, new energy, new materials, optoelectronic panels, modern agriculture, etc.  

At this fair, a robot named Ava is not only mastering knowledge in astronomy, geography, history and culture, being able to answer a lot of professional questions about low carbon and environmental protection, but also can interact and communicate with audiences. It is a customer-service robot created by Smart Dynamics. According to its CEO Guo Lili, the company has been devoting its minds to the research and development of robot ontology technologies. They has created the first open platform for service robot in China and launched three major products. 

“The main body of innovation at CHTF presenting diversification has changed profoundly, realizing the transition from innovation and entrepreneurship to mass development.” Gao Yuyue pointed out that in the start-up exhibition that is set up for the first time at this fair, more than 200 startups has signed up for the show, 161 start-up tech companies, makers and individual inventors took part in the exhibition and Maker Exhibition. CHTF is becoming an important platform for start-up tech companies to seek financing, technical cooperation and market expansion.” 

It is noteworthy that in order to speed up the transformation of innovation achievements, the fair also sets up platforms for policy discussions, academic dialogues and technical cooperation, holding a total of 252 high-level forums, professional technology forums and industry salons, etc., which effectively gathers top talents, high-end enterprises and advanced elements and resources together. 

Scientific and technological service for "Belt and Road" construction 

CHTF not only provides a stage for various types of cutting-edge technological innovations, but also builds an international bridge for the exchange of science and technology between China and foreign countries. Through this bridge, hi-techs both at home and abroad are able to interact with each other and inspire each other for common development.
   Statistics show that at this year's fair, further increase has been achieved in terms of the number of overseas exhibition groups, countries and regions and exhibition areas. Among the 49 foreign delegations from 46 countries and EU in the fair, 27 national governments, business associations, and industrial organizations are along the "Belt and Road". These overseas groups are not only from scientifically and technologically advanced countries such as Germany, Russia and UK that have been participating in the exhibition for many years, but also countries with their debut here, such as Argentina and Papua New Guinea. South Korea, the Czech Republic, Malaysia and other countries held investment promotion, project release and other activities.

It is the 18th time for Russia delegation to present CHTF. It has brought high-end scientific research institutions, famous universities, innovative enterprises and industry associations in Russia this year to showcase Russia's newest achievements in aerospace, new materials, information and communications technology, medical research and other fields. 

This time, CHTF also specially held the “Belt and Road” Innovative Cooperation Form. Representatives from embassies and consulates, governments and enterprises from Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Brunei and other countries conducted discussions and analysis on potential cooperation opportunities between their own countries and Shenzhen. Shenzhen Huaya Regional Economic Development Service Center also signed cooperation memorandums with Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation, Brunei Erbi Global Green Technology Company, Dswiss Group and Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association. 

In the past, Chinese enterprises went global through CHTF, but now, foreign companies enter into China from it. The change attributes not only to the increasingly enlarged influence of the "always new" CHTF on the world and the industry, but also to its gathering of advanced achievements in China and overseas. CHTF plays a vital role in promoting China's ability of independent innovation and supply-side structural reform and accelerating China’s pace on international development.