13- 17 November 2019 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Emergency and safety high-techs wows visitors in Shenzhen
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2019-11-28

The Emergency and Safety Technology Exhibition (InterEMC 2019) of the 21st China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) concluded on Nov 15 in Shenzhen.


Themed on "Enhancing Safety by Technology and Innovation Development", the exhibition attracted more than 3,000 professional visitors and around 20,000 members of the public to view over 1,000 exhibits in 20 varieties from 150 outstanding exhibitors. The displays featured marine monitoring systems, intelligent monitoring systems and intelligent emergency platforms. 


PCITECH, a professional provider of artificial intelligence technology and products headquartered in Guangzhou, showcased its latest solution of using videos to investigate incidents, while  Shenzhen Hietech Energy Technologies Co Ltd displayed sensors installed at public electromechanical equipment.


Onsite activities, one of the highlights of this year's event, were held for the first time. 


Tianjin Deepinfar Ocean Technology Co Ltd displayed its underwater rescuing robot which can operate at 300 to 350 meters depth. Equipped with sonar and cameras, the robot can be used in various underwater rescue conditions including rivers, the open sea and groundwater pipelines. 


Three themed summits were also held during the exhibition, gathering 20 experts and scholars from all over China to discuss hot issues in the safety industry. 


"The exhibition has set up an international, high-level and comprehensive platform for exhibitors to showcase cutting-edge technologies," said Huang Min, deputy mayor of Shenzhen. "I believe that Shenzhen will benefit a lot in the innovative development of emergency management and safety production through this event."


The scale of next year's exhibition will be further enlarged as the designated exhibition area will reach 40,000 square meters. About 30 themed forums and over 10 international matchmaking events will be held next year. 

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