11- 15 November 2020 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Jennifer Zou



Jennifer Zou



Vice President of Global Initiatives and Head of Operations in China, Bay Area Council



Jennifer Zou, originally from central China’s Hunan province, serves as Vice President of Global Initiatives and Head of Operations for China at the Bay Area Council since February, 2017. Bay Area Council is a business-sponsored, public policy advocacy organization for the nine-county Bay Area, California since the inception in 1945 and currently with over 300 member companies. She grows the council's business and brand in China, and maintains government relations with multiple cities and with more than 50 BAC member companies operating cross China. She helps California Companies expand to China. She also leads California-China Office of Trade and Investment’s development in China, which is to increase California’s exports to China and Chinese investment into California.

Jennifer joined the Bay Area Council’s Shanghai office in mid-July, 2010, following the successful grand opening launch in the previous month and served as Director of Shanghai Office for many years.

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