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Zhang Nangeng



Nangeng ZHANG


Founder, Chairman and CEO of Canaan Inc.
Member of China Blockchain Application Research Center
Master of Integrated Circuit Design of Beihang University


April 2013 - Now

Founder, chairman and CEO of Canaan Inc.


October 2010 - October 2012

Beihang University: Major in computer architecture


October 2008 - September 2010

Beihang University: Major in integrated circuit design


August 2005 - September 2008

Second Research Academy of CASIC


October 2001 - September 2005

Beihang University: Major in electronic information engineering


Mr. Nangeng ZHANG studied at Beihang University for his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. "To advocate virtue and pragmatism and to pursue truth and innovation" is the educational philosophy of Beihang University. It is the guideline by which the University operates and pursues its future. Thus, it is a fundamental principle shared by all Beihangers who support and enhance the University, and this one of the principles that Mr. Zhang consistently upholds in his entrepreneurial process.

Mr. Zhang formerly served in the Second Research Academy of CASIC. This working experience has cultivated his astronaut spirit of being meticulous in technology and conscientious in work.

Mr. Zhang is the founder, chairman and CEO of Canaan Inc. During his doctoral study he explored the huge potential of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design in the field of supercomputing. Consequently, he founded the Canaan organization and launched the world's first digital cryptocurrency miner based on ASIC chips, thereby leading the industry into the era of ASIC.

Canaan has become the world's leading provider of AI chips,blockchainand solutions, as well as the world's second-largest manufacturer of bitcoin miners.

Since the company's establishment, Mr. Zhang has led his team in promoting the multilevel design, development and implementation of ASIC supercomputing chips in various fields and disciplines.


In 2018, Mr. Zhang led Canaan to make two major technological breakthroughs in the world: achieving mass production of the world's first self-developed 7nm chip as well as mass production of the Kendryte K210, the world's first self-developed RISC-V-based commercial edge AI chip. With its outstanding performance, the Kendryte K210 is widely regarded as a milestone in the development of cutting-edge AI hardware.

Canaan successfully listed with NASDAQ on November 21, 2019, becoming the first global blockchain stock and the first AI chip stock with independent intellectual property rights in China.


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