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John R. Speakman




John R. Speakman



Chief Scientist, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of SciencesForeign Academicians of Chinese Academy of SciencesForeign Member of the National Academy of Sciences, United States



Employment History

University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK  (1985 – date)

1985-1989           Research fellow          

1989-1993           Lecturer                      

1993-1995           Senior lecturer                   

1995-1997           Reader                        

1997-date            Professor                   

2002-2006           Head, Integrative animal physiology             

2006-2011           Director, Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences [IBES]

2016-date            Royal Society Wolfson merit Professor

IBES is a division of the college of life sciences and medicine comprising at any one time around 40-45 faculty and 200-300 PhD students. In the 2011 UK Research Assessment exercise it came second in the whole UK in the section regarding Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences.


Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK (2000-2005)

Seconded half time. Head of the Division of Obesity and Metabolic Health.

Member of the Senior Management committee


Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (2011-date) 

Seconded part-time

(2011-date)         1000 Talents ‘A’ professor      

                     CAS Novonordisk Great Wall professor


2020-date     Royal Society, Election committee: Sectional Committee 10. Medical sciences

2019-date     Royal Society,     University Research fellowships panel B committee

2019-date     Chairman, Royal Society newton Fellowships panel B            

2019-date     BBSRC,special LOLA grants committee

2011-date     Royal Society,     Royal society small grants and Newton Fellowships committee

2005-2009    Royal Society of Edinbrugh,Fellowship committee section A3 (Chair 2007-2009)

2005-2011    Board member, The Company of Biologists       

2004-2006    Scottish Government ad hoc obesity committee


Editorial boards 

I am on the editorial boards of ten major international journals including Science, and I was the deputy editor in chief of Biology Open, published by the Company of Biologists between 2011 and 2018. I review and handle approximately 200 manuscripts a year for these and other journals.

Mammal review,                                           2002 – date

Aging Cell: section editor.                                   2004 – 2007

       (section editor)

Journal of Comparative Physiology                            2004 - date.

Functional Ecology                                       2004 - 2009

Biology letters:                                            2008- 2013

Biology Open                                                2011- 2018        

       (deputy editor in chief)

Molecular metabolism       (founder board member)          2011-date

Science                                            2011-date

IUBMB Life                                          2012-date

Clinical Endocrinology Physiology and Pharmacology     2013-2015

Journal of Genetics and Genomics                       2013-date

Physiological and Biochemical zoology               2015-date

Annals of Human Genetics                                  2016-2019

International Journal of Obesity                                                 2017-date

China Science      Life Science                             2018-date

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society          2018-date




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