11- 15 November 2020 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Steve Shyh-Ching Chen




Steve Shyh-Ching Chen


Member of US National Academy of Engineering


Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


President of the Third Brain Research Institute



Founder and CEO of the 3rd Brain Research Institute in the United States, is a world-renowned supercomputer expert. He has developed the world's first parallel vector supercomputer for scientific research, which is the first supercomputer with 128 blades and the first Internet-based, application-to-application, high efficiency, dynamic enterprise collaborative operation software TONBU. He has also developed the world's first information grid SCP based on supercomputers with a global network, which is similar to the power grid. He specializes in cutting-edge research and development projects to study the brain, protect the brain, develop the brain, and extend the brain




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