Han Bin

Han Bin



COO of Shenzhen ibimfish² Technology Co.,Ltd.



Han Ben graduated from Tianjin University with a Master of Architecture degree in 1991. Working at Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co.,Ltd for over 31 years, experienced and responsible for Architectural Design and Planning etc. As Director and Vice Chief Architect of the Third Branch, presided over many times Architectural Design Activities, accumulated a wealth of construction experience in architectural design and architectural decoration area.

Co-founded Shenzhen ibimfish² Technology Co.,Ltd in 2019, it specializes in realizing the digitalization of the construction industry. Using BIM and other 3D digital information flow systems solved industry pain points.

Devoted independent software research and hardware development, to achieve localization to solve the problem of industry bottleneck. At present business, the range extends to Digital Settle, Digital Building Technology, Digital City Update, and Digital Municipal Garden all range industry etc.

Han Ben is the COO of Shenzhen ibimfish² Technology Co.,Ltd, responsible for digital products structure optimization, and market expansion. ibimfish²already build relationships with many domestic state-owned enterprises and central enterprises of digital strategic cooperation.

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