Shen Weijun



Shen Weijun




 Senior Principal Investigator and the Institute Director for the Center for Translational Research, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory




Dr. Shen graduated from University of Nebraska with a PhD degree and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Scripps Research Institute under the supervision of Prof. Peter G. Schultz. Previously, he served as a Principal Investigator and Project Team Leader in GNF/Novartis and worked as a founding Principal Investigator at the California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr) and later become Director of Metabolic Diseases at Scripps Research/Calibr. With more than 10 years of experience in drug discovery in both global pharmas and translational research Institutions, Dr. Shen focused his research on drug discovery for oncology and metabolic diseases and gained significant experience in areas of small molecule drug discovery, high throughput screening, therapeutic peptide engineering.

Dr. Shen led and participated more than 50 new drug discovery projects and achieved several technology transfer and project collaboration with pharma and biotech companies. Currently, his long-acting GLP2 peptide is in Phase 1 clinical trial for inflammatory bowel disease in the US and a few other preclinical candidates are entering into IND enabling studies. Dr. Shen have more than 15 patent application and issued patents, published over 40 papers in internationally renowned peer reviewed journals such as Nature, Nature Chem Biol, Nature Communications, Nature Chemistry, Science Advances, PNAS, JACS, ACIE, JMC etc. In addition, Dr. Shen also serves as the Industrial Advisory Board Member for the Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska and is a member of the American Peptide Society and American Diabetes Association. He also serves as the Board of Directors, and chair of the Pacific Alliance Committee of Sino-American Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Professional Association (



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