Sun Xiongpeng



Sun Xiongpeng




The Director and Vice President of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd


Mr. Sun Xiongpeng  currently serves as the director and vice president of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sun Xiongpeng joined Industrial Bank in 1989, and acted as the Vice President of Industrial Bank in August 2016. With 33 years of experience in economics and finance, He has accumulated extensive experience in commercial bank operation and management. From 2016 to the first half of 2022, Mr. Sun was mainly responsible for business related to interbank and financial market. He vigorously promoted business transformation and development, and built a professional brand image in the business of interbank and financial market. With his unremitting efforts, the revenue structure of company has been effectively and continuously optimized, and the profitability has grown steadily. From 2016 to October 2018, Mr. Sun also took charge of sci-tech management. He launched and carried out the construction of "Four Banks", including process bank, open bank, smart bank, and security bank, which forcefully boosted the deep integration of technology and business, and laid a solid foundation for the digital transformation of company. Since the second half of 2022, he has been roundly responsible for the digital transformation of Industrial Bank. Closely centering around the vision of company building the ability to connect everything, realizing the digital transformation of the best eco-empowered bank, and becoming a Future Bank, he initiated and conducted  the construction of nine key projects for digital transformation, including Five Online Brands, Extensive Wealth Management "Comprehensive Investment Bank" "Investment and Financing Operation Platform", "Integrated Operation System", etc., which has driven the all-round integration of business, data, process, technology, and system. Now, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. has become a systemically important bank in China, ranking 8th in China's banking industry, and 16th in the global banking industry.

Mr. Sun graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics with a bachelor's degree in economics.  He graduated from Xiamen University with a master's degree in economics.

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