Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang



Chief Digital Officer of HPE China; CEO of Dual Carbon Nobel Prize Research Center



·HPE Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

·Global Chief Strategic Officer (GCSO) of International Software Quality Headquarters Base (NANJING)

·CEO of Dual Carbon Nobel Prize Research Center

·Global Expert in Digital Transformation & Global Expoert in Carbon Neutral Ecological Strategy

·Visiting Professor of New York University


·Former CTO of DXC Technology Asia Pacific and CTO of Greater China Area

·Former IBM Global Competence Center (New York), Expert in Communication & Media and IT sectors

·Former Digital Analysis VP of Goldman Sachs Headquarter (New York)

PresentationBorn in Taipei, Taiwan, China, Jerry Yang studied and settled in New York. He has more than 30 years of global business and technology experience, international digital transformation experience, strategic planning and practice, and hold three American patents (big data and automation field). Mr. Jerry Yang focuses on realizing the digital transformation and carbon neutral strategic transformation of governments and enterprises in the world and also in Greater China area, providing business consulting for government and enterprises, and formulating strategic plans and solutions.


2021/2022 Global Strategic Projects

Eric Maskin Nobel Prize Experimental Center Project:

To further promote the frontier research and development of digital economy, Mr. Jerry Yang led his team and Mr.Eric Maskin, a Nobel laureate in economics and a tenured professor of economics and mathematics at Harvard University, to build a Nobel Prize laboratory (research center) in China, which becomes a global cutting-edge digital economy research institute attracting the world's top young scholars and talents and continues to help China's carbon neutral, digital economy and other industries with a positive perspective.

"Double Carbon" Research Center Project (China)

In order to actively respond to China's strategic goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", Mr. Jerry Yang build with his team a world leading "double carbon" research center, to serve as a research and technological innovation platform, and cooperate with many domestic universities to gather top talents, cultivate a talented team with international level, boost China's green and low-carbon development plan, create a new high ground of international cooperation and exchange.

Vortex Global Green Energy Innovation Technology Project

Mr. Jerry Yang continued to pay attention to global green energy new technology from a perspective of globalization strategy, focusing on introducing a new generation of wind turbine technology inventor and a global expert team in the field of green energy

“Vortex Bladeless”, providing support for the innovative development of China's green energy and promoting high level cooperation and development in the new energy field helping to achieve the overall goal of "double carbon" strategy.


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