11- 15 November 2020 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
China International Hi-Tech Intelligent Conference

China International Hi-Tech Intelligent Conference aims to be “International, Professional, High-end, High Quality and Market-oriented”, and highlights its “Ideological Connotation, Innovativeness and Intellectualness”. “Human and Intellectual Resource Exchange”, “Cooperative Activities for the Promotion of Human Resource Products”, “CHTF Talent Forum” will be held during the fair. Besides, promotion of human resources service products, cooperation and negotiation of high-end HR service agencies, lectures by human resource management experts, exchanges between top talents from famous enterprises, network recruitment organized by famous enterprises, headhunting and evaluation of top talents, talent policy consultation and CHTF talent forums will also be carried out. About 130 of the world’s top 500 or domestic famous enterprises represented by high-tech, modern manufacturing and service industries will offer more than 10,000 intermediate and senior management and technical positions; high-tech management and technical talents will attend the meeting for job-hunting which will achieve the on-site exchanges between intermediate and advanced talents and large and medium scale enterprises.  

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