2018/11/14-18 Chtf
Competing for CHTF 2017 Top 10 Products is Heating Up among Exhibitors

CHTF 2017 Top 10 Products Voting – Find Star Products is now calling for innovative hi-tech products from all CHTF exhibitors. CHTF will help promote these high-quality products through multiple ways.

Key Date

Application: all exhibitors can apply for the activity for free by September 30, 2017.

Candidates: in early October, CHTF will designate a judging panel comprising experts and media representatives to pick out 60 candidate products.

Voting: in mid-October, all the 60 candidate products will be unveiled on CHTF WeChat page for voting. In early November, CHTF senior official will press down the stop button right at the awarding ceremony and the final votes of the top 10 products as well as several special recommendation awards will be announced on site.

Great Benefits

1.    All candidate products and award-winning products will be specially recommended by CHTF to media and professional buyers as well as visiting leaders and officials.

2.    CHTF will help promote these products on its official website, WeChat page, Weibo, journal and CHTF Daily, in multiple forms including text, picture and video.

3.    Over 50 mainstream media outlets such as Sina and Tencent, over 80 online media outlets, as well as Shenzhen Media Group and Shenzhen Press Group will report extensively on the candidate and award-winning products.

4.    Candidate and award-winning products will be granted certificates, and award-winning products will also be honored with special flags which will be hung in the exhibition hall.

5.    CHTF will make a promotion video for award-winning products, which will be broadcasted at the opening ceremony and on the North Square display.

6.    The award-winning products will be displayed at the entrance corridor to maximize publicity.

7.    The award-winning products will be included in the CHTF Mobile VR Tour.


Applicants are only limited to CHTF 2017 (including concurrent sessions) delegations and exhibitors.

Applying products should:

1.    be hi-tech products that will be displayed at CHTF 2017;

2.    be of high technology and innovation;

3.    have independent IP and without property right dispute;

4.    comply with laws, regulations and industrial development policies of Shenzhen and China;

*products to debut at CHTF 2017 will be a favorable advantage.

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