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New Energy Exhibition

New Energy Exhibition covers one-stop power transmission and distribution equipment, power Internet of Things and power data, power electrical and manufacturing equipment, new power systems, new energy grid-connected transmission and distribution systems, data center infrastructure, energy digitization, integrated energy services, virtual power plants, power grid dispatching and control, power automation, instruments and meters, wires and cables, intelligent inspection and emergency equipment, power engineering construction vehicles and equipment, supercharging and photoelectric storage charging and discharging, smart hydropower, pumped storage, wind power generation equipment, photovoltaic materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, power transmission and distribution systems and equipment, energy storage system integration and EPC general contracting projects, new energy storage technologies and key materials, key energy storage equipment and components, battery testing and certification, battery resource recycling and utilization, electric vehicle charging and swapping and supporting equipment, renewable energy power generation and grid connection, energy saving and integrated energy service equipment, new energy vehicle complete vehicles, battery, motor and electric control system technology for new energy vehicle, intelligent network technology and application, charging and swapping technology equipment, auto parts and aftermarket, etc.


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