11- 15 November 2020 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Exhibition Contacts

Belt &Road / International Pavilion 

Department of International Business 

Ms. Xie Yan, +86 755 8284 8652, selenaxie@chtf.com 

Ms. Yang Dan, +86 755 8284 8695, yangd@chtf.com 

Ms.Cui Can, +86 755 8284 8764, cathy_cui@chtf.com 

Mr.Huang Xianjue, + 86 755 8284 8763, xjhuang@chtf.com 

National Hi-Tech Advancements

The national scientific and technological innovation achievement showcase


E-mail:jjian@chtf.com, yaolei@chtf.com

IT Exhibition of CHTF

Smart Wearable Devices Zone, Intelligence Manufacturing Zone, Smart Home, Internet + Zone

Tel: 86-755- 82848862, 82848851, 82848852,82848869

E-mail: chenbin1227@chtf.com, ljk@chtf.com, fang@chtf.com, kong@chtf.com

Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection

Tel: 86-755-82848857,82848853,82848781,82848952

E-mail: sjx@chtf.com,mmz@chtf.com ,sws@chtf.com ,gp@chtf.com

Green BuildingsTel: 86-755-82848857,82848853,82848781,82848952

E-mail: sjx@chtf.com,mmz@chtf.com ,sws@chtf.com ,gp@chtf.com

New Material

Tel: 86-755-82848857,82848853,82848781,82848952

E-mail: sjx@chtf.com,mmz@chtf.com ,sws@chtf.com ,gp@chtf.com

Smart Healthcare

Tel:+86-755-88315633E-mail: chtf@elexcon.com

Optoelectronics Display

Tel:+86- 0755-86149990

E-mail:409781219@qq.com  lidianfei@chinafpd.net

Smart City

Including application of IOT, Big data and Cloud Computing in Urban Planning and Management, Communication and Information, Security, Medical, Education, Finance, and Environment Protection, etc.Tel:+86-755-23996193,83663892

E-mail:Yolanda_Chi@idg.com.cn, Karvin_Wen@idg.com.cn


Avionics, UAV, satellite navigation, aerospace materials, precision manufacturing equipment, microsatellite, aerospace ecological control and health monitoring, general aviation contemporary services, and aviation maintenance and inspection.

Tel:+86- 15994731093,13827488833

E-mail:zrj@szaia.org, ygj@szaia.org

Advanced Manufacturing TechnologyLaser Prospective Exhibition Area, Production and Industrial Automation Exhibition Area, 3D Printing Zone, Scope of Exhibition in the Zone

Tel:+86- 755- 82129237,82129416,23938025,18948322161

E-mail:shaohuo@ laserfair.com

General Shows


E-mail:tangying@chtf.com, dongsz@chtf.com,yaolei@chtf.com,zzpin@chtf.com

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