Nanolux mulling various strategic options to expand its technology, aiming for a potential exit by 2022
News sources: Release Date:2019-11-16

Nanolux, a privately held Japan-based developer of near infrared-based color night vision modules, is mulling on various strategic options to expand the use of its technology and is seeking a potential exit by 2022, CEO Motoshi Sobue said.

Nanolux’s near infrared-based color night vision technology was developed jointly with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). It extracts and separates RGB color data from infrared rays (IR), a technology rooted in the identification of the correlation and reflectivity between visible light (which has a wavelength 400nm-700nm) and near infrared rays (which has a wavelength 700nm-1.0mm).Nanolux currently has a patent regarding the color night vision algorism and the mass production of multi spectrum IR image sensors.

Color IR technology could be applied into various industries for example: in the machine learning segment it provides more accurate data readings such as object recognition, providing color night vision for the surveillance industry, exempting the use of LED lights for medical devices such as fundus cameras.

Sobue noted the development stages of Nanolux`s fundamental technologies are complete and would eye on expanding on actual implementation. Currently the company is cooperating with a company affiliated to the Samsung Group, on the development of a prototype IR night vision camera. Additionally, it is working on a proof of concept (POC) with a tier 1 automotive supplier on vital sensing technologies, and a consumer product company on development of a portable fundus camera.

Sobue is looking for the strategic business partners to implement the technology. Those players include smartphone makers, tier 1 automotive parts suppliers, camera makers, and medical device makers, adding that overseas players are most likely to be from the China, US, Korea, Taiwan, and in France and Germany.

Founded in 2010, Nanolux officially started operating as a business in 2015, It currently has six employees. 

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