11- 15 November 2020 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Hi-tech forum to spark new ideas on AI
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2021-06-04

The China Hi-Tech Forum, an important part of the China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), has heard keynote speeches from 18 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Chinese and foreign governmental officials at or above ministerial level, and over 400 renowned people from all walks of life.


In their talks, they discussed the latest trends and ideas in fields like science, technology and financial investment. But what do the speakers think of artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that has been widely applied in medical treatment, retail, processing and manufacturing?


John Roger Speakman, chief scientist at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that AI can help people lose weight more healthily.


A study at his institute shows that a comprehensive observation through AI that combines the presentative weight loss and the genetic and non-genetic markers associated with weight loss can help tailor a weight-loss program to the individual.


John Roger Speakman at the 2020 CHTF. [Photo/WeChat account: szchtf]


According to Wang Congqing, president of HTC VIVE China, the next 10 or 20 years will be a very important era for extended reality (XR), which will combine virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies.


The future work model is not just working from home, but from anywhere, said Wang. Telecommuting can be done with a computer, VR device or even a mobile phone, which will make our lives and work more balanced and lead to higher levels of satisfaction.


The future learning environment must be more intelligent, added Wang. The teacher can turn courseware into a VR course and let the students study one-on-one.


This year's China Hi-Tech Forum will be carried out from Nov 17-21 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Guangdong province.

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