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Guidelines on COVID-19 Prevention and Control for Participants in 23rd China Hi-Tech Fair
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2021-12-20

Published on Dec 13, 2021


(to be consistently updated based on latest anti-COVID measures)


In light of current COVID-19 situation, the requirements of the country, provinces, cities, superior competent authorities, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Work Plan of the 23rd China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), and the Guidelines on COVID-19 Prevention and Control for Participants in 23rd China Hi-Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines) have been formulated, and will be updated based on the latest anti-COVID measures in a timely manner. The Guidelines shall apply to various parties and individuals such as exhibitors, the press, visitors, organizers, and staff of the CHTF.


I. Anti-COVID Requirements


(I) Only persons who meet all the following requirements can participate in the CHTF:


1. Health Code


Guangdong Health Code (also known as "Yuekang Code") is green.


2. Travel History Code


Travel History Code is green (without an asterisk (*)), and the person has not traveled to or lived in prefecture-level cities with local infections or places identified as medium-/high-risk areas over the last 21 days.


3. Nucleic Acid Test


When entering the CHTF venues, all persons must present a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result within 48 hours.


4. Vaccination


The staff and exhibitors must have completed two COVID-19 vaccinations14 days before entering the venues.


(II) Requirements for delegations and exhibitors:


1. In the prefecture-level city where a delegation/exhibitor is from, there are no local infections or places identified as medium-/high-risk areas;


2. All persons of delegations as well as exhibitors shall meet the aforementioned anti-COVID requirements, and those who fail to do so shall be replaced.


(III) Persons in one of the following situations are not allowed to participate in the CHTF:


1. Health Code is not green, Travel History Code is not green or has the * mark;


2. Cannot present a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result within 48 hours;


3. Have symptoms like a fever (body temperature higher than 37.3 C), dry cough, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia, or diarrhea;


4. Currently a confirmed COVID-19 case, a probable case, an asymptomatic case, a close contact of a case, or a close contact of a close contact;


5. In a medical isolation observation period following being discharged from the hospital;


6. An asymptomatic case in a medical observation period following being released from an isolation order or under centralized isolation for medical observation;


7. Under a centralized isolation medical observation, home isolation medical observation, or community health management;


8. Past confirmed case or asymptomatic case that has recovered;


9. Have traveled to or lived in prefecture-level cities with local infections or places identified as medium-/high-risk areas over the last 21 days;


10. Have traveled to or lived overseas within the last 28 days.


(IV) Delegations and Exhibitors in the following situation are not allowed to participate in CHTF:


In the prefecture-level city where a delegation/exhibitor is located, there have been local infections or places identified as medium-/high-risk areas within the last 21 days.


II. Guidelines for Exhibitors


1. Letter of Commitment: Exhibitors shall sign a Letter of Commitment on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (see Attachment 1) with the exhibition area/conference organization before setting up their booths (deadline: 12:00 am on Dec 21).


2. Designation of contact persons for COVID prevention and control (see Attachment 2): Exhibitors shall designate a person to be responsible for communicating and reporting COVID-related information to the Organizing Committee.


3. Protective items: Exhibitors must have disposable gloves, hand sanitizers and other protective items.


4. Ventilation: Exhibitors must strictly implement ventilation measures, must not set up closed rooms in booths, and are encouraged to set up open spaces.


5. Good personal hygiene after entering the venues: All persons in the venues must wear face masks properly at all times. If they need to drink or eat, they must go to the catering area. They shall keep 1 meter of social distancing at all times. Gathering is not allowed.


6. Disinfection: Exhibitors must preventively and regularly disinfect their booths and exhibits, and keep records of disinfection. They shall cooperate with the Organizing Committee's preventive disinfection and regular disinfection in public areas. All persons entering the venues must use sanitizers to disinfect their hands.


7. Inspection: Exhibitors shall designate staff to inspect their exhibition areas and make sure all persons wear face masks properly and that they do not gather. In case of any violation of anti-COVID requirements, the staff shall rectify it in time.


8. Health monitoring: Exhibitors shall monitor the health status of their personnel for 14 days after the CHTF is closed, and report the status of their personnel to the Organizing Committee and the organizer of their exhibition area. If anyone develops a fever or dry cough, or is a probable, confirmed, or asymptomatic COVID-19 case, the exhibitor shall promptly inform the Organizing Committee and the organizer, and cooperate with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for contact tracing.


9. Negotiation area: Exhibitors shall ensure that their negotiation area is well-ventilated and spacious. Clients and salespersons must wear surgical face masks and keep a safe distance. Exhibitors must not provide any food or drink that is not wrapped independently.


10. Performance: Exhibitors are strictly forbidden to host performances involving group gatherings. If they have to carry out promotional activities, they shall ensure that persons at their booth maintain a safe distance and shall set up cordon lines. They shall adjust the audio volume to an appropriate level so that persons at the booth can hear each other well without having to remove their masks.


11. Catering: In accordance with the unified requirements of the Organizing Committee, exhibitors must order food from the caterers in the venues and eat in the designated area during staggered time slots. They must not order food from outside caterers. Installers and exhibitions shall obey the orders of the Organizing Committee, and get food from the designated vendors.


12. Keeping records of health status and disinfection: Exhibitors shall fill in the Health Status Record (see Attachment 3) and the Disinfection Record (see Attachment 4), and strengthen management. They shall monitor their personnel's health status on a daily basis, make records, and submit them to the Organizer for archival purposes.


13. Maximum number of persons: In accordance with current anti-COVID requirements, the attendee capacity of conference venues is limited to 50 percent of the normal capacity. If there are new adjustments to such requirements, the conference organizers can adjust them accordingly. The number of attendees will be strictly controlled. Attendees must wear face masks at all times during the event. Some seats will not be used to maintain a safe social distance.


III. Guidelines for Visitors


1. Before entering the venues, all persons must confirm in advance that their Health Code and Travel History Code are green (without an *), have a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result within 48 hours, and have no fever or other COVID-19 symptoms.


2. All persons must cooperate with the staff of the CHTF and have their codes checked (both Health Code and Travel History Code are green without *), present a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result within 48 hours, and undergo temperature screening.


3. Visitors must make an appointment with their registered legal names before visiting the CHTF. They can only enter the venues at their designated times.


4. Persons entering the Chinese mainland from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries must comply with the latest requirements of the State, Guangdong province and Shenzhen city for protection against the importation of COVID-19 cases.


IV. Guidelines for Organizers


1. The organizers shall establish anti-COVID organizations and mechanisms, formulate and implement anti-measures, organize regular COVID-19 prevention control and emergency response, and clearly define roles and responsibilities.


2. The organizers are responsible for the external liaison and internal coordination for COVID-19 prevention and control at the CHTF. They shall organize and supervise the signing of the Letter of Commitment on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 at all levels, and contact COVID-19 prevention and control teams for the set-up of nucleic acid test sites, isolation and observation rooms, clinics, and deployment of medical staff.


3. The organizers are responsible for the health screening and monitoring of their staff and exhibitors, the collection and archiving of health information of all persons, and the promotion of and training in COVID-19 prevention and control.


4. The organizers are responsible for optimizing staff deployment and setting up logistics channels and buffer zones, managing the number and flow of people, and implementing real-name authentications, code verifications, temperature screenings, access control, security checks, keeping order and other anti-COVID measures.


5. The organizers are responsible for formulating anti-COVID and disinfection plans, regularly disinfecting the public areas of the venues, allocating preventive items, garbage disposal, strengthening the disinfection of frequently touched facilities and items, and ensuring good ventilation in crowded areas.


6. The organizers are responsible for grid-style management of the venues, regular inspections related to COVID-19 prevention in the venues, and timely prevention and correction of behaviors against anti-COVID requirements such as wearing masks improperly and group gatherings.


7. The organizers shall formulate emergency response plans for COVID-19 prevention and control, organize relevant training and drills, and coordinate and manage emergency response efforts during the CHTF.


8. The organizers are responsible for the procurement and distribution of face masks, disposable gloves, antiseptic supplies and other anti-COVID items as well as the management and COVID-19 prevention of caterers and catering areas.


9. The organizers shall strive to do their utmost in emergency response, organize COVID-19 prevention and control training to ensure that staff members have adequate knowledge and skills in disinfection, sanitization, emergency response and so on. They shall also designate persons to strengthen inspections during the CHTF. For important positions, staff shall be on duty 24 hours a day under the management of their team leaders to ensure that emergency response can be initiated immediately when emergencies occur, and that they can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.


The Guidelines impose the health requirements for parties and persons participating in the CHTF amid COVID-19. In light of COVID-19 situations and security needs, such requirements may be adjusted and will be published in a timely manner. Please pay close attention to updates accordingly.

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