27-29 December 2021 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
24th CHTF seeking partners
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2022-06-01

Five exhibitions at the 24th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), which is scheduled to take place in Shenzhen from Nov 16 to 20, are seeking partners to attract more enterprises and scientific research institutions to attend the event.


IT Exhibition


With an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, the IT Exhibition is the largest professional product exhibition at CHTF and is used as a platform to display the next generation of information technologies.


Partners with rich resources and experiences in digital economy, the metaverse, commercial 5G, the internet of things, and autonomous driving are invited to be the exhibition's partners.


Contact: Ms Kong: +86-755-82848869/+86-18926083893


Environmental Protection & Energy Exhibition


This exhibition is one of the most eye-catching professional exhibitions at the CHTF and is a national platform for enterprises in strategic emerging industries.


It is seeking partners with rich resources and experiences in carbon peak and carbon neutrality technology, smart environmental protection, water treatment, air purification, waste treatment, new energy, energy storage, smart electricity, as well as environmental protection materials.


Contact: Mr Shen: +86-755-82848857


Construction Science & Technology Innovation Exhibition


The exhibition is interested in partners involved in the fields of assembly technology, near-zero-energy building, smart construction, green construction planning and design, green construction, green building materials, green operation, green property management, intelligent building, smart housing, as well as green low-carbon building technology.


Contact: Mr Shen: +86-755-82848857


Innovation and Research Development Show

Cutting-edge, forward-looking, and key scientific research achievements, technologies and products in strategic emerging industries, future industries, as well as new forms of business spawned by the COVID-19 epidemic will be displayed at this exhibition.


Partners from the fields of high-end manufacturing, new materials, next-generation information technology, life sciences, green and low-carbon, marine economy, digital economy, as well as future industries are sought by the exhibition.


Contact: Manager Lee: +86-755-82848894


Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exhibition


This exhibition is committed to promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, as well as to providing solutions that reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, and provide green environmental protection.


It is seeking partners in the fields of industrial automation, smart equipment, high-end equipment, industrial robots, laser products, industrial internet, smart logistics and factories, CNC machine tools, precision tools and precision instruments and equipment, green manufacturing, as well as additive manufacturing.


Contact: Manager Lee: +86-755-82848961

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