15-19 November, 2022 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Showcase your green products at 24th CHTF
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2022-06-08

Registration for the Construction Science & Technology Exhibition at the 24th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), which is scheduled to take place at the No 2 Hall of the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Guangdong province from Nov 15 to 19, is now open.


Jointly hosted by the China Hi-Tech Transfer Center and the Shenzhen Green Building Association, the exhibition will mainly showcase advanced technologies and products for construction, covering assembly techniques, nearly zero energy buildings, intelligent construction, green construction, green building materials, sponge cities, as well as construction waste utilization.


The "Green House" project will be the highlight of the exhibition. It will integrate advanced technologies and products of green buildings, as well as simulate real scenarios of green buildings to provide visitors an in-depth look at the functions of green buildings. By directly displaying living and working scenarios of green buildings, the project is expected to broaden public awareness on the concept of green living and the value of green buildings.


In addition, several technical forums and various matchmaking activities will take place for efficient exchanges and communications, along with release events for new products and new technologies.


Booth price at the Construction Science & Technology Exhibition


1. Net booth: 1,630 yuan ($244) per square meter


2. Standard booth: 1,793 yuan per sq m




1. The standard booth will be equipped with boards with company names, display shelves, two daylight lamps, carpets, two folding chairs, one table, and one outlet.


2. The minimum rental area for a net booth is 36 sq m, and standard booths are 9 sq m each.


Exhibitor contacts


Organizer: China Hi-Tech Transfer Center


Contacts: Ms Song, Mr Gao, Ms Shen, Ms Xi


Tel: +86-755-82848781, +86-755-82848952, +86-755-82848857, +86-755-82848836


E-mail: sws@chtf.com, gp@chtf.com, sjx@chtf.com, xixw@chtf.com


Partner: Shenzhen Green Building Association


Contact: Mr Chang


Tel: +86-755-23931865, +86-13827419664


E-mail: szlx003@vip.126.com

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