15-19 November, 2022 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Architectural giants confirmed to attend 24th CHTF
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2022-07-20

A number of leading and well-known architectural enterprises, including China Construction Science & Technology Group, China Construction Science and Industry Corporation, as well as Baoneng Group, have confirmed that they will attend this year's Construction Science & Technology Innovation Exhibition at the 24th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF).


The exhibition, which will take place from Nov 15 to 19 in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, will display advanced technologies and products in the fields of assembly, near-zero energy buildings, intelligent construction, green construction, green building materials, sponge cities, the re-utilization of construction wastes, as well as the renovation of existing buildings.


For this year's Construction Science & Technology Innovation Exhibition:


China Hi-Tech Transfer Center


Contacts: Ms Song, Mr Gao, Mr Shen, Ms Xi


Tel: +86-755-82848781, 82848952, 82848857, 82848836


E-mail: sws@chtf.com, gp@chtf.com, sjx@chtf.com, xixw@chtf.com


Shenzhen Green Building Association


Contact: Mr Chang


Tel: +86-755-23931865, 13827419664


E-mail: szlx003@vip.126.com


Booth Price


1. Standard booth: 1,793 yuan ($266) per square meter


*A standard booth is 9 sq m in size, and will be equipped with a lintel board with company names, display shelves, one table, two chairs, lamps, carpets, and a power socket.


2. Net booth: 1,630 per sq m


*The minimum rental area for a net booth is 36 sq m.

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