China's Premier Tech Show - The 26th China Hi-tech Fair To Be Held on November 14 in Shenzhen

News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2024-06-24 11:56
Science and technology are the foundation of a country’s prosperity, the source of its national destiny, and the lifeline of its national life. The China Hi-Tech Fair helps Shenzhen realize the perfect integration of a spirit and a city. For nearly half a century, this oriental palace of innovation has attracted global attention and always look to the future.
China Hi-tech Fair: A Sacred Place for Cutting-edge Technologies and Innovative Spirit
China’s premier tech show to be held in Shenzhen in November 2024

Shenzhen, China - China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), a large-scale international event and China's premier tech show showcasing innovative technologies and products, will kick off its 26th edition on November 14-16, 2024 at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center under the theme "Technology Leads Development, Industry Integrates Fusion".
CHTF in 2024 will feature 20 top fast-growing sectors, including International Exhibition, Provincial and Municipal Exhibition, China’s Leading Heavy Equipment, Top Tech Industry Chains, Specialized & Sophisticated Enterprises, Artificial Intelligence and Robots, IT Infrastructure and Big Data Exhibition, Clean Energy, High-end Machinery Manufacturing, Environmental Protection and Green & Low-carbon, Medicine and Medical Laboratory, Semiconductor Display and Integrated Circuit, Intelligent Agriculture & Digital Village, New Energy, Low-altitude Economy & Aerospace, Railway Equipment, Future Technologies, New Materials, and Production-education Integration. The event aims at showcasing the latest hi-tech trends and achievements in the world, and facilitate the trade and exchanges of hi-tech products and technologies on a global scale.

Data shows that the total transaction amount of CHTF 2023 reached CNY37.279 billion (US$5.14 billion), attracting delegations from 105 countries and regions and more than 5,000 exhibitors. Throughout its 25 editions, China's premier tech show has been building a "strong engine" for global economy in Shenzhen, the city at the forefront of China's reform and opening up. 
The China Hi-Tech Fair encompasses approximately 10,000 technological projects every year, helping investors explore the latest patents, technologies, projects and a large number of investment and cooperation opportunities to empower more companies. Many multinational companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Sony, Qualcomm, Samsung, HP, Siemens, Toshiba, Oracle, LG, Hitachi, and Panasonic have participated in the exhibition many times. Outstanding Chinese private enterprises such as Tencent, Huawei, Kingdee, iFlytek, and Han's Laser have gone global from here. Pony Ma, the chairman, chief executive, and founder of Tencent Holdings, said at the China Hi-Tech Fair Forum and in an interview, "In 1999, we attended the first edition of China Hi-Tech Fair, and grabbed the opportunity to gain favor with the capital market and raise funds for the first time, which laid the foundation for Tencent to take off." The China Hi-Tech Fair, which has been successfully held for 25 editions in Shenzhen, China, has become an important gateway for China's high-tech sector to connect with the international community, a top-level platform empowering tech companies to elevate their global brand awareness, and a sacred place for global companies to display cutting-edge technologies and spread the spirit of innovation.