11- 15 November 2020 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
CHTF Overseas


China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) in foreign countries, sponsored by the Office of CHTF Organizing Committee, is one important step to the international strategy for the fair. Since 2005, the international events have been respectively held in different countries including the UK, Russia, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, Bahrain, Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Iceland and Norway.

The main activities include: 

♦  Government Officials Meetings 

♦   Opening Forum 

♦   Company presentation 

♦   Partnership Enhancement between Chinese and Foreign companies 

♦   Ceremony of Contract Signature 

♦   Business Visits and Exchanges to Local Leading Enterprises, Universities, Research institutes, Technology and Industrial Parks, etc. 

CHTF in foreign countries will cover electronic information, digital economy, human intelligence, equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, venture capital, financial investment, new material, pharmacy, biotech, marine technology, new energy, and other various sectors. A number of international cooperation projects and global business have been successfully achieved and fulfilled with the help of the CHTF overseas events.

The Role of CHTF Overseas 

As China adopts the “Going out and Inviting in” development strategy, CHTF makes up its orientation towards long-term global cooperation and development. Those events in foreign countries have provided convenient and efficient channel for Chinese companies to internationalize themselves. Hundreds of Chinese companies had opportunities to tap more business market outside China. Those events helped them go abroad to explore their vision, attract more attention, and seek more business and cooperation opportunities.

For those foreign co-organizers, what they won is not only the experience in co-organizing events, but also strengthening mutual exchange between their local government and Shenzhen Municipal Government. Shenzhen city is young but enjoys the fastest economic growth in mainland China, which is famous for the spirit of innovation, independence and inclusiveness. Once the CHTF event was co-organized in foreign countries, the two side local governments would gave a lot of efforts to strengthen mutual exchange in all level of the society. Friendship, sister-city-ship and cooperation in technology, culture, even finance would be further deepened.

CHTF in foreign countries will be a platform for the exchange between Chinese and foreign governments and companies. It has encouraged exchanges and mutual visits between governments. The events for companies are more practical and in-depth as well since a professional team works so hard to deliberately arrange and fulfill custom-tailored service.


Ms. Xie Yan /Ms. Cui Can / Mr. Huang Xianjue / Miss. Yang Dan

Tel: 0086-755-8284 8652, 8284 8764, 8284 8763, 8284 8695

Email: selenaxie@chtf.com,cathy_cui@chtf.com, xjhuang@chtf.com, yangd@chtf.com

Review of CHTF Overseas 

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