Overview of CHTF Scope of Exhibition Guide Maps 2024
Scope of Exhibition

The 26th China Hi-Tech Fair

Scope of Exhibition

CHTF in 2024 will feature 20 top fast-growing sectors, including International Exhibition, Provincial and Municipal Exhibition, China’s Leading Heavy Equipment, Top Tech Industry Chains, Specialized & Sophisticated Enterprises, Artificial Intelligence and Robots, IT Infrastructure and Big Data Exhibition, Clean Energy, High-end Machinery Manufacturing, Environmental Protection and Green & Low-carbon, Medicine and Medical Laboratory, Semiconductor Display and Integrated Circuit, Intelligent Agriculture & Digital Village, New Energy, Low-altitude Economy & Aerospace, Railway Equipment, Future Technologies, New Materials, and Production-education Integration.

1.International Exhibition

International Exhibition mainly showcases the overall image, resource advantages, characteristic industries, major cooperation projects of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” and its extension, friendly countries and cities, as well as the innovative technologies and products of Fortune 500 international companies and industry-leading companies in related industries, so as to promote the international resources at a deeper level, strengthen industrial linkage and connection with the international market.

2.Provincial and Municipal Exhibition

Provincial and Municipal Exhibition mainly displays the latest achievements made by China in recent years in facilitating major scientific and technological breakthroughs, strengthening the deep integration of technological and industrial innovation, actively cultivating new forms, new models and new drivers, and developing new quality productivity in accordance with local conditions, as well as the innovative practices and remarkable results of various industries in developing new quality productivity. Many Chinese provinces, cities, universities and scientific research institutions will showcase their latest technological products, scientific research outcomes, latest technologies and other advanced productivity qualities.

3.China’s Leading Heavy Equipment Exhibition

China’s Leading Heavy Equipment Exhibition mainly presents the country's leading equipment in the field of aerospace, high-end ship and marine engineering, major scientific instruments, advanced rail transit, energy, smart manufacturing, and large-scale engineering that demonstrate the "hard core strength" of Chinese manufacturing.

4.Top Tech Industry Chains Exhibition

Top Tech Industry Chains Exhibition covers the entire process of product production or service provision, including power supply, raw material production, R&D, intermediate product manufacturing, terminal product manufacturing and even GTM and consumption.

5.Specialized & Sophisticated Enterprises Exhibition

Specialized & Sophisticated Enterprises Exhibition mainly introduces the important achievements made in China's scientific and technological development in recent years, the Shenzhen "20+8" industrial cluster development layout, new products and technologies of "specialized and sophisticated " enterprises, as well as the 14th Five-Year Plan and the long-term goals for 2035, to show the world that China is using science and technology innovations to drive the improvement of the quality and resilience of economy.

6.Artificial Intelligence and Robots Exhibition

Artificial Intelligence and Robots Exhibition features language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, expert systems, machine learning, computer vision, robots, various intelligent robots, industrial robots, mobile robots, robot system integration, robot development platform and software technology, operating system, development platform, simulation technology, testing technology and equipment, application software and other related devices as well as machine vision, reducer and other components.

7.IT Infrastructure and Big Data Exhibition

IT Infrastructure and Big Data Exhibition displays electronic equipment, intelligent storage devices, relevant electronic components, storage technology and related equipment, data processing and security, data center technology and equipment, data center infrastructure, electronic production equipment, electronic assembly automation, dispensing and bonding technology, surface mounting technology, wire harness processing and connector manufacturing.

8.Clean Energy Exhibition

Clean Energy Exhibition displays technologies and products related to hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, energy storage, nuclear energy, and power transmission & distribution.

9.High-end Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition

High-end Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition covers intelligent manufacturing, CNC machine tools, industrial automation, and industrial robots. The exhibition area focuses on displaying the latest technologies, products and solutions, logistics equipment and technologies, and automation solutions in China’s strategic emerging industries and new quality productivity such as high-end equipment, industrial robots, smart factories, industrial personalized customization, laser processing and industrial Internet.

10. High-end Medical Devices Exhibition

High-end Medical Devices Exhibition refers to medical imaging, medical testing, in vitro diagnosis, hospital construction, smart medical care, smart wearable products, medical robots, operating rooms, medical electronic equipment, medical optics, medical consumables, infection prevention and control, orthopedics, medical services, logistics management, health management and services, medical institutions, rehabilitation, smart elderly care, etc. The exhibition area concentrates on displaying a number of core and cutting-edge products in the field of medical devices.

11. Medicine and Medical Laboratory Exhibition

Medicine and Medical Laboratory Exhibition features laboratory technology, laboratory consumables, instruments and equipment, biotechnology services, medical testing and IVD, genetic technology, quality control and safety scientific instruments and laboratory equipment, biopharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients and ingredients, and other pharmaceuticals and technologies to explore global biomedicine innovation trends and cutting-edge solutions.

12. Environmental Protection and Green & Low-carbon Exhibition

Environmental Protection and Green & Low-carbon Exhibition showcases the latest products and technologies in the fields of environmental water treatment, water management, air purification, water purification, garbage disposal, smart environmental protection, smart electricity, energy-saving and low-carbon, intelligent construction, digital buildings, near-zero energy buildings, urban renewal, building energy conservation, building integrated energy, digital construction of the future, renewable energy buildings, building carbon emissions, environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving applications, etc.

13. Semiconductor Display and Integrated Circuit Exhibition

Semiconductor Display and Integrated Circuit Exhibition displays the latest technological breakthroughs and products in the fields of EDA tool software, high-end chips, semiconductor materials, advanced packaging and testing, and creates a complete panoramic view of the development of the wide-bandgap semiconductor industry chain from substrates, epitaxy to chip manufacturing to device applications.

14. Intelligent Agriculture & Digital Village Exhibition

Intelligent Agriculture & Digital Village Exhibition showcases world-renowned companies, agricultural science and technology achievements, smart agriculture, smart irrigation and digital twin irrigation areas, facility agriculture, digital villages, etc.

15. New Energy Exhibition

New Energy Exhibition covers one-stop power transmission and distribution equipment, power Internet of Things and power data, power electrical and manufacturing equipment, new power systems, new energy grid-connected transmission and distribution systems, data center infrastructure, energy digitization, integrated energy services, virtual power plants, power grid dispatching and control, power automation, instruments and meters, wires and cables, intelligent inspection and emergency equipment, power engineering construction vehicles and equipment, supercharging and photoelectric storage charging and discharging, smart hydropower, pumped storage, wind power generation equipment, photovoltaic materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, power transmission and distribution systems and equipment, energy storage system integration and EPC general contracting projects, new energy storage technologies and key materials, key energy storage equipment and components, battery testing and certification, battery resource recycling and utilization, electric vehicle charging and swapping and supporting equipment, renewable energy power generation and grid connection, energy saving and integrated energy service equipment, new energy vehicle complete vehicles, battery, motor and electric control system technology for new energy vehicle, intelligent network technology and application, charging and swapping technology equipment, auto parts and aftermarket, etc.

16. Low-altitude Economy & Aerospace Exhibition

Low-altitude Economy and Aerospace Exhibition presents various low-altitude aircraft such as industrial-grade drones, consumer-grade drones, eVTOL, helicopters, the latest technologies and applications in the low-altitude economy such as low-altitude road network infrastructure, as well as aerospace products and the latest application cases such as new aerospace materials, basic components and parts manufacturing, satellite manufacturing, satellite operations and services, satellite communication, navigation and remote sensing technology, etc.

17. Railway Equipment Exhibition

Railway Equipment Exhibition displays rail transit and railway locomotives vehicles, urban rail transit technology, rail transit supporting facilities and components, rail transit intelligent management systems, operation and maintenance of underground safety & road information, equipment and technologies for rail transit operation and management maintenance, etc.

18. Future Technologies Exhibition

Future Technologies Exhibition features the next generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, smart terminals, new display, e-sports and other future technology related products, the Internet of Things, Metaverse, big data & cloud computing, digital virtuality, smart home, smart driving, smart city, smart logistics, other popular technologies and products, and consumer electronic terminals, etc.

19. New Materials Exhibition

New Materials Exhibition showcases the latest scientific and technological achievements of various basic materials, such as new energy materials, electronic information materials, biomedical materials, advanced metal materials, polymer materials, green building materials, cutting-edge new materials, etc.

20. Production-education Integration Exhibition

Production-education Integration Exhibition covers the models and achievements of in-depth cooperation between school education and industrial enterprises, representative majors and cases, innovative measures and landmark results formed in the development and reform process vocational education.