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Bill Huang



Bill Huang



CEO and Founder of CloudMinds Technology IncDean of school of Electronic Information and Communications, Huazhong University of Science and Technology



Bill Huang, former president of China Mobile Research Institute, is currently founder and CEO of Delta Technology, president of School of Electronic Information and Communication of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, director of China Electronics Association, and deputy director of cloud computing special committee.

Before returning to China, Bill Huang served as senior vice president and chief technical officer of bell laboratory and UT Starcom. He has creatively put forward the soft switch theory of "network is exchange" and initiated the establishment of the international soft switch organization.  And developed the world's first softswitch system and the world's first operator-level streaming media exchange and IPTV system.

At the beginning of 2007, Bill Huang returned to China and joined the China Mobile Research Institute as president. During this period, he led the China Mobile Communications Research Institute to carry out technological innovation and research and development, forward-looking put forward the strategic concept of network, application and terminal infrastructure construction of the next generation mobile Internet, put forward the idea of 3G/4G parallel development, and promote China's TD-LTE to become 4G international mainstream standard. In 2007, he led China Mobile's "OPhone" smartphone operating system project and developed China's first global second Android smartphone. In 2008, the leader launched China Mobile's "Big Cloud" cloud computing platform project and became China's first commercial Hadoop cloud computing platform.

In 2015, Bill Huang resigned from the China Mobile Communications Research Institute and founded Delta Technology as founder and CEO. He proposed and successfully implemented the architecture of "cloud intelligent robot", which combines cloud robot brain (cloud brain), robot nervous system (high speed safety network) and body (robot terminal) to form a complete cloud intelligent robot, which can be used to serve enterprises and families. His cloud robot architecture has also created a new economic mode of cloud robot operation.

In 2016, Bill Huang won the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) CQR Chairman Award, becoming the first CEO; of a Chinese enterprise to win the award since the award was established.

In 2017, Bill Huang was appointed Dean of the School of Electronic Information and Communication of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Bill Huang is born with engineer genes. He has rich experience and unique insights in artificial intelligence, robots, optical access network systems, streaming media, multi-service mobile softswitch, mobile Internet and intelligent terminals. Facing the new era of innovation and entrepreneurship, Bill Huang refused to be an onlooker of technological innovation. He walked incessantly and continued to "pursue his next dream".

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