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Hedwige Nuyens



Hedwige Nuyens



Managing Director of the International Banking Federation (IBFED)



Hedwige Nuyens is the Managing Director of the International Banking Federation (IBFED), the representative body for a group of key national banking associations (US, Australia, European Union, Canada, Japan, South Africa, China, Brazil, India and Korea). She leads the IBFed's policy advocacy speaking on behalf of the banking industry at international level (G20, FSB, BCBS, OECD, FATF, IASB…).

She was the Head of Regulatory Affairs at BNP Paribas, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the Catholic University Louvain and the CRO (Chief Risk Officer) of ABN Amro Bank in Belgium.

Hedwige holds the master degree of Financial Sciences from the Catholic University Louvain, as well as master of Business Administration and Finance from the EHSAL Brussels.


About IBFed ( International Banking Federation)  Source: http://www.ibfed.org

International Banking Federation is founded in 2004, made up by various national banking associations, and represents the joint perspective form different national banking associations. IBFed has more than 18,000 bank members, including over 600 large bank members. It also manages over 75 trillion assets around the world, over 40 trillion of global consumption and business credit. With more than 600 million employees, International Banking Federation plays a crucial role in supporting and promoting economic development.

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