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Ba Shusong



Ba Shusong



Chief Economist of the China Banking Association and Executive Director of the HSBC Institute of Finance of Peking University



Dr. Ba Shusong is the chief economist of the China Banking Association. He is also the executive director of the HSBC Institute of finance of Peking University, a deputy secretary general of China Society of Macroeconomics, a member of MOFCOM's Advisory Committee on Economic and Trade Policy, a member of CBRC’s expert guidance committee for the banking industry to implement the new Basel capital accord, a member of CSRC’s M&A Specialists Committee, a member of the HKSAR Government's Economic Development Commission and a member of China’s “13th Five-Year Plan” National Development and Planning Specialists Committee. Dr. Ba is a fellow of experts who receive the State Council Special Allowance. He was previously a deputy general manager of the Bank of China in Hangzhou, an assistant general manager of Bank of China (Hong Kong), director-general of the strategy and development committee of the Securities Association of China, and a deputy director general of the Financial Research Institute of the State Council's Development Research Centre. He was engaged in post-doctoral research in the China Center for Economic Research at Peking University and was a senior visiting scholar at Columbia Business School. Dr. Ba has published several academic articles and books on the new Basel capital accord and China’s economic and financial development.

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