11- 15 November 2020 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
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IT Exhibition 2020


China Hi-Tech Fair 2020


IT Exhibition 



November 11-15, 2020, Hall 1 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC) 

China’s No. 1 Technology Show 


A high-end & cutting-edge showcase platform with global appeal 


A bellwether for technology, industry and innovation 




As the largest and most influential science and technology fair in China with a proven track record of two decades, China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) is jointly held in November every year in Shenzhen by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Intellectual Property Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. 


CHTF is a one-stop gateway for transaction, exhibition, high-profile forums as well as an ideal platform to meet potential investors and expand collaboration and exchange with business partners. After years of development, CHTF has become an important window for China’s high-tech sector to access the global market and is playing an increasingly significant role in promoting the commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of China’s high-tech achievements, as well as driving the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between different countries and regions. 


Empower the Future of Industry through Innovation 

Spanning a floor area of 30,000m2, Information Technology and Products Exhibition (IT Exhibition) is the largest professional exhibition in scale at CHTF. As a one-stop showcase platform for next-generation information technology worldwide, CHTF IT Exhibition stands out as the top destination among similar events in China in terms of professional level, practicality, international appeal as well as number of participating buyers and renowned enterprises. 



Voice from Industry Leaders 

Our first appearance at CHTF 1999 enabled us to access the capital market and for the first time raise the fund in need, laying the very foundation for Tencent’s incessant rise. 

-------Remarks by Mr. Ma Huateng (Pony Ma), Chair of the Board, Tencent, at CHTF 2015 

We have an interest in furthering the cooperation with partners in China. Our joining hands in developing 5G and other future technology in the mobile internet sector will be supportive to China’s internet plus strategy. 

-------Remarks by Mr. Derek Aberle, the then CEO of Qualcomm, at CHTF 2016 

A Platform of Choice with Premium Quality 


       CHTF, A Top-rated Hi-Tech Event Curated for You 

Brand-new Experience for Exhibitors 

♦ Trustworthy brand: Renowned as “the No.1 Technology Show in China”, CHTF is a must-attend trade event for industry-leading enterprises to showcase cutting-edge technologies and products to a broad range of audience.  

♦ Quality professional visitors ensuring high deal-closing rate: Exhibitors are expected to meet buyers and investors from around the globe at CHTF, which will be instrumental for them to expand market shares and boost growth. Meanwhile, a wide array of market-ready emerging technologies and disruptive business models showcased at CHTF will enlighten exhibitors to tap unchartered business opportunities and markets.   

♦ A bellwether for industry: Built on years of development, CHTF IT Exhibition has evolved into a bellwether for IT industry and technology at home and abroad, covering AI, intelligent manufacturing, smart home, smart driving, 5G commercial use, IoT, Industry 4.0, cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other leading-edge technologies.  

♦ Forward-looking topics: Through various forums, seminars, workshops and new technology and product press releases organized by CHTF, exhibitors will get exposure to the latest industry trends and dynamics as well as insights from industry experts, and will have the chance to build strong ties with potential business partners.    



China, a market with unlimited business opportunities 

China is the world’s second-largest economy and one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world, making it the most alluring destination for innovators and manufacturers of hi-tech products. 

► No.1 Technology Show in China 

After 21 years of development, CHTF IT Exhibition has grown into a grand annual gathering and bellwether for the industry as well as a one-stop gateway for transaction, exhibition, high-profile forums and an ideal platform to meet potential investors and expand collaboration and exchange with business partners. 

► A highly effective platform 

As a highly effective platform for exhibitors to build brand strength, expand business network and establish a competitive benchmark, CHTF IT Exhibition offers unique opportunities to meet face-to-face with industry leaders, leading companies as well as get access to authoritative media outlets, government procurement, capital and talent. The event also attracts world’s leading companies to showcase their state-of-the-art products and technologies.  

► High-quality professional visitors  

Built on its two-decade success, CHTF has anchored a large number of high-quality professional audiences. More than 563,000 person-times of visitors attended CHTF 2018, including global buyers, manufacturers, engineers, product designers, chief technology officers, chief information officers, chief experience officers, investment managers and purchasing decision-makers, with middle- to top-level managers accounting for more than 60% of the total audience. 

Broad media coverage led by China Central Television 

Each year, CHTF will be covered by some 1,500 journalists from over 200 media partners, including state as well as provincial and municipal media outlets as well as those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, along with mass media, professional media, portal websites, live streaming platforms and we-media from various perspectives. 


Exhibition Coverage and Featured Exhibition Zones 

Five featured exhibition zones were set up at CHTF 2018 IT Exhibition to reflect the latest industry trends, including AI, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Home, Smart Driving and Sports Technology, along with product experience zone to offer audience with interactive engagement. 

 A: AI Featured Zone: chip, sensor; algorithm framework; cloud service, big data; AI hardware solution; intelligent identification system; intelligent control; deep learning; search engine; AI software solution; intelligent robots; AR/VR; 

 B: Intelligent Manufacturing Featured Zone: smart city, smart home, smart transportation, industrial robots, 3D printing and other related technologies and products. 

 C: Smart Home Featured Zone: integrated smart home, smart security & protection, smart entertainment products, smart community, smart life technology and other related technologies and products; 

 D: Smart Driving Featured Zone: driverless technology, autonomous driving, intelligent car control systems and other related technologies and products; 

 E: Sports Technology Featured Zone: Internet + Sports, Internet + Health, smart wearables and other related technologies and products 

In addition, CHTF 2018 IT Exhibition also covered a wide range of trendy technologies, products and services in the next-generation information technology arena, including IoT, digital media technology, 5G commercial use, blockchain technology, big data, information security, cloud computing, wearable devices, among others. 



Professional Technology Forums at CHTF IT Exhibition 

Each year, the curated professional technology forums at CHTF IT Exhibition will invite heavyweights in the industry to share insights on hot-button topics, and exhibitors can leverage these forums to promote their new products and technologies as well as raise their market exposure: 

Sino-German Innovation and Cooperation City Forum in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 

Hong Kong Technology Forum 2018 

Digital Media Technology Exchange Conference 

China Artificial Intelligence Leader Conference 

Artificial Intelligence Application Seminar 


Diverse Value-added Services: 

1. Coverage by CHTF official media + press release 

2. Exclusive executive interview by recommended media partners 

3. CHTF in VR 

4. In-depth coverage by CHTF WeMedia 

5. Living streaming by media partners 

6. Coverage by CHTF “News Express” during the exhibition 

7. Live coverage during the exhibition 

8. Publicity in both Chinese and English on CHTF website 

9. In-depth coverage by overseas media 


► Engagement with buyers and investors 

1. Project matchmaking meeting 

2. Project financing roadshow 

3. Overseas procurement meeting 

4. Curated business trip for international exhibitors 



►Curated activities 

1. CHTF Award: Excellent Product/Excellent Exhibit 

2. New products & new technology press release 

3. Themed salons and events 

(More appealing value-added services are expected at CHTF 2019) 

Highlights of CHTF 2018 

Occupying 140,000 m2 exhibition area in total, the CHTF 2018 attracted 3,356 exhibitors from 41 countries and international organization to participate in the fair. 255 sessions of advanced forums, professional technological forums, industrial salons, and technological conferences were held during the event. 563,000 person-time visitors from 103 countries and regions participated in the fair. Professional visitor popularity index hit 246, or 246 professional visitors per booth per day on average.1,500 journalists from over 200 media partners jointly covered CHTF 2018. 

Statistics (see figure below) of CHTF 2018 from a commissioned third-party survey organization: 


Countries & International Organizations:41         Exhibitors: 3,356 

Forums : 255                                                       Exhibition Area: 140,000㎡ 

Professional Visitor Popularity Index 

High-tech Projects: 11,332 

Person-time Visits: 563,000 

Booth Pricing 

1. Raw Space: 

Class-A Raw Space: RMB2, 450/m2; Class-B Raw Space: RMB2, 050/m2 

2. Standard Booth: 

Class-A Standard Booth: RMB24,300/9m2; Class-B Standard Booth: RMB20,300/9m2 (An additional 10% service fee to be charged based on the raw space price; standard booth consists of a fascia board with the company name, a rack, two fluorescent lights, carpet, two foldable chairs, a table, and an electrical plug.) 

Welcome to China Hi-Tech Fair 2019 

Connecting the World with the Power of IT 

Visit www.chtf.com for more information 



CHTF Hotline: 

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