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Lithuanian companies at China Hi-Tech Fair
News sources:Shenzhen Daily Release Date:2020-11-14

Every November, Shenzhen hosts an international hi-tech fair to brighten up that Autumn blues. The fair attracts visitors from all over the world and is centered around promoting the exchange of hi-tech achievements and encouraging cooperation.


This year the fair gathered over 3000 exhibitors from 44 countries, and one of them is Lithuania! The companies from the laser industry are shining in the Shenzhen hi-tech fair, where you can go and find them yourself.  

Check out five Lithuanian companies that will be buzzing at CHTF: 

Altechna Group

Direct Machining Control


Workshop of Photonics

Light Conversion


Altechna Group 

The company started exploring the potential of China's market in 2015. During the following two years, the company has connected with the largest laser system integrators in the country, providing laser processing solutions and it's optical and optomechanical components for high-value consumer electronics manufacturing.

However, the team has soon discovered the limitations of the distanced relationship with the partners and realized they had to have a stronger presence in China. Thus, in 2018, Altechna Group established a sister company.

Having a local team allowed Altechna Group to discover new markets in China and offer the company's solutions beyond consumer electronics. The team now has its eyes on optical solutions for civil engineering and automotive markets. Altechna Group is currently building a laser micromachining laboratory in Shenzhen that should be in operation by the end of the year.


Direct Machining Control (DMC) 

The company creates DMC software for laser machines. The software allows companies to reduce production time, increase machine efficiency, and makes the machines easier to use for operators.

The software developed by DMC has long been popular in universities around the world. Universities in China are also adopting it for more efficient laser micromachining research and development.

Chinese laser machine integrators have already been using DMC software in complex laser micromachining applications for several years. DMC is also planning to establish a local support center in China in 2021.



Lasers and startups are the hottest buzzwords in Lithuania and MACHINE.ONE connects both of them.

This startup company develops laser machines for the industry. The main applications are PCD tool machining, 3D laser texturing, and electrical traces formation on injection molded part.

MACHINE.ONE wants to combine Lithuanian research, development, and technology with Chinese manufacturing expertise. The company is now working with technology parks in China to find a location for the facilities. That local branch should be established in the second quarter of 2021.


Workshop of Photonics (WOP) 

The company is no newbie to China. WOP has been partnering with universities across more than ten provinces in China. The company mostly provides femtosecond laser micromachining workstations to universities and has been present in China for over ten years.

WOP regularly participates in expos and fairs in China, the latest one being ClOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition). The team at WOP even had the Chinese ambassador to Lithuania, H.E Mr. Shen Zhifei, over to introduce the technology and research they are working with.


Light Conversion

The company focuses on femtosecond lasers, their systems, and optical parametric amplifiers. Light Conversion exports products to over 40 countries in the world and notes the universities and institutes in China were watching their development closely and jumped on board once Light Conversion had a serious portfolio of clients. The most significant breakthrough was in 2016 when Light Conversion opened a service center in Shenzhen.


The article is written by Tautvilė, retweeted from Focus on Lithuania Business

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