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South Korea's exhibition group committed to expanding in Chinese market
News sources:Shenzhen Daily Release Date:2020-11-15

The China Hi-tech Fair has always been an important platform for Korean electronic information companies to expand into the Chinese market. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this year’s CHTF has only one Korean exhibition group, the National IT Industry Promotion Agency. It has participated in the fair for 10 consecutive years since 2010, organized more than 30 companies each year, and has an exhibition area of more than 400 square meters. 


As a government agency supporting the development of AI and 5G industries by the Korean government, NIPA provides comprehensive support to Korean Information Communication Technology companies engaged in the fields of data, network and AI. 


This year, NIPA organized 10 Korean companies to take part in the exhibition. Booths set up at the fair display Korean products and promote highlight projects by video and graphics, and online negotiations between Chinese and Korean companies have been carried out through video connections. 


Kim Chang Yeong, president of NIPA, said in an interview that South Korea is making every effort to develop itself into a global AI base. China has advantages in data and information processing and both countries attach importance to the development of AI industry, so cooperation in technology is in need. 


The 10 Korean companies exhibiting this year represent South Korea’s new technological level in AI, the Internet of Things, the Internet, and new energy. Key projects include AI technology-based video processing systems that follow mobile objects, AI CCTV monitoring system, four-dimensional global theater video system, emergency rescue smart helmet, blockchain service platform, smart emergency bell, ESS safety management system, and comprehensive resource utilization solutions. 


NIPA warmly welcomes technology R&D professionals, sellers, purchasers, and investors in related fields to visit the NIPA booth for in-depth exchange and negotiation. People who have interest can visit Hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center for more information. Korean translation will be provided free of charge on site. 


People visit the Korea Pavilion at the fair in Shenzhen. 


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