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Greek ship equipment companies debut at high-tech fair in Shenzhen
News sources:Shenzhen Daily Release Date:2020-11-15

The Greek Pavilion, led by the Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers & Exporters, has actively participated and brought many emerging technology companies to the 22nd China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF), currently underway in Shenzhen until Nov 15. 


The HEMEXPO is composed of a number of ship equipment companies with high-tech manufacturing and export. HEMEXPO is becoming the world's leading force in the marine equipment industry and a reliable and stable partner for global shipowners and shipyards. 


In order to achieve the goal of opening up exports and creating a shipyard, HEMEXPO has brought together many Greek emerging technology-based marine equipment companies and teams, such as ERGA PLUS, LAROS, Prisma Electronics, Marine Remote Sensing Group in the University of the Aegean, Federation of Hellenic Information Technology and Communications Enterprises, and PPC Group. 


These companies and scientific research teams are all committed to researching marine science and technology projects. Among them, LAROS works on providing shipping organizations with the most accurate data collection platform for multi-dimensional performance analysis and monitoring, so as to guide customers to maritime business intelligence. The reliable data collected by the LAROS helps reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs. 


The Marine Remote Sensing Group in the University of the Aegean is a team that researches, explores, and analyzes visualized satellite and drone data in coastal environments. The team has expertise in multiple disciplines of ocean remote sensing, and combines the most advanced algorithms and field measurement techniques to develop new methods for visualizing marine geospatial information. 


SEPE, the representative of the Greek digital technology industry, aims to promote the economic and social development of Greece. It builds cooperative relations for the government, public and private institutions through digital technology, as well as formulates and implements effective national digital technology strategies. Its business covers areas such as information dissemination, public affairs and lobbying, international presence, world information technology and service alliances, etc. 


PPC is the leading power generation and supply company in Greece. It is the largest electricity supplier in Greece, with a total installed capacity of 12.2 gigawatts. The company has about 6.9 million customers nationwide with thermal and hydroelectric power plants and renewable energy installations established on the mainland and every islands. 


The Greek Pavilion at the high-tech fair in Shenzhen. [Photo/chtf.com]

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