14.- 18. November 2018 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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China Hi-Tech Fair 2017

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

November 16-21, 2017 Hall 9 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Today, China’s manufacturing industry is in the process of upgrading from traditional manufacturing to advanced manufacturing. With the proposition of the “Industry 4.0” in Germany, the “Industrial Internet” in the US, the “China Manufacturing 2025” in China and other related concepts and policies, governments around the world are all showing a steadfast determination to achieve the goal of being a “manufacturing power”. In such a context, China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF)–Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exhibition has been keeping pace with the trends by implementing China’s “Manufacturing Power” strategy to help China with the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, from “China Speed” to “China Quality”, and from “Chinese products” to “Chinese brands”.

After years of development, the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exhibition 2017 is further upgraded on the previous version that took place as an independent exhibition for the first time. Centered on the national strategic plan of “China Manufacturing 2025” and strategic deployment of accelerating manufacturing transformation and upgrading, this year’s exhibition is further segmented into three special sections, i.e. Advanced Manufacturing Laser Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Technology–Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing Technology–Industrial Robot. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exhibition highlights the cutting-edge products, latest technologies and solutions offered by excellent trade representatives in related fields such as intelligent equipment, industrial robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), laser products, high-end equipment. During the exhibition, forums and activities with the same theme will also be held, providing a platform for a broad range of manufacturing exhibitors and professional visitors to communicate and exchange ideas.

► Organizational Structure

Sponsor: The Organizing Committee of China High-Tech Fair

Organizer: Shenzhen China International High-Tech Achievements Trade Center

      (Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd.)

Cooperators: Guangdong Laser Industry Association

       Shenzhen Xingzhiqiu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Chuangming Exhibition Design Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Manufacturers Association

Tel: 0755-82848961

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► Exhibition Overview

(I) Advanced Manufacturing Laser Technology

Laser tracing products, laser detection systems, laser safety systems, laser eco systems, laser display systems, laser holography, various lasers, optical systems and components, optoelectronic technology products, laser machining equipment, medium and low power level laser equipment, cutting/welding solutions, carving machines/marking machines, laser cladding, intensified/hardened OEC manufacturing, handset processing, HDI boards, battery processing, precision processing equipment, materials processing, scanners, laser measuring instruments, small laser processing devices, etc.

(II) Advanced Manufacturing Technology–Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Innovative NC equipment, intelligent measurement and control devices, key integrated intelligent equipment and Smart Factory solutions in the industry; a variety of mechanical transmission processing systems, electrical systems, information technology and software, advanced 3D printing technologies and products,  industrial robot machines, and latest robot workstation for industrial automation; Smart Factory solutions, and products and solutions for industrial robot applied for welding, painting, packing, etc.; solutions for automobile, electronics, aerospace & aviation, machine tool and other industries; robot development platforms and software technologies, and functional parts and components for industrial robot.

(III) Advanced Manufacturing Technology–Industrial Robot

Intelligent robots, industrial robots for welding, handling, assembly, etc., special robots for security, dangerous operations, rescue, etc., service robots, manipulators, AGV intelligent handling, system integration & demonstration applications, supporting components and R&D service of robots; sensors, micro-actuators, micro-assembly, micro-technologies, etc.; production & process automation, information technologies and software for industrial automation, electrical systems, micro-system technologies, etc.; demonstration and show of achievements of industrial parks backed by governments, showcase of innovations from research institutions and colleges and universities, etc.

► Supporting Activities (TBD)

 1) China Laser Tracing Technology Conference

2) Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Forum

3) Project Promotion, Negotiation, Match-up (connection with key projects is arranged before and after the show)

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Advanced Manufacturing Laser Technology

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Industrial Robot Technology