14.- 18.November 2018 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
China Hi-Tech Forum 2018


(Agenda was updated as of November 5 and is subject to change without prior notice.) 

Theme: New Development Concept for High Quality Growth 

Time: 14-16, November, 2018  Venue: 5/6 F, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre 

 I. Schedule 

November 1410:30-12:00 

Bougainvillea Hall 

Opening Forum 

November 1413:30-17:30 

Bougainvillea Hall 

Innovation Driving High Quality Development Forum 

November 159:30-12:00 

Bougainvillea Hall 

Disruptive Innovation & Technologies Forum I 

November 1513:30-17:30 

Bougainvillea Hall 

Disruptive Innovation & Technologies Forum II 

November 169:30-12:00 

Bougainvillea Hall 

Technologies Leading Better Lives Forum I 

November 1613:30-17:30 

Bougainvillea Hall 

Technologies Leading Better Lives Forum II 

November 1413:30-17:30 

Daffodils Hall 

Future Technology Summit 



II. Topics and Speakers 

November 14, 10:00-12:00          Bougainvillea Hall 

Opening Forum 


          New Trend for Global Technology Revolution and Industrial Transformation 

          China's Technology Innovation and International Technology Cooperation 

Moderator: Official of Shenzhen Municipal Government 


ž           Khalid Al Rumaihi, CEO of The Bahrain Economic Development Board  

Topic: Bahrain and the Digital Belt and Road 

ž           Rene Tammist, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Estonia 


ž           Jean-Marc Delporte, Vice Minister and President of Executive Committee, FPS Economy, Belgium  

ž           Robert H. Grubbs, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2005, Academician of National   

Academy of Sciences, United States, Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Topic: Research on Catalysts and Polymers at SUSTEC: Formation of a Focused Research Center 

ž           Zhang Bo, Academician of Chinese Academy of SciencesDean of Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Tsinghua University 

Topic: The Current Situation and Future of Artificial Intelligence 

November 14, 13:30-17:30                     Bougainvillea Hall 

Innovation Driving High Quality Development 

           Technological Innovation Promotes High-quality Economic Development: Technology Leads Innovation  

Moderator: Xing Zaozhong, Secretary of the CPC and President, Financial News 


ž           Ling Wen, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, China Energy Investment Corporation, Academician of China Engineering Academy 

Topic: High-quality Energy Development Driven by Innovation  

ž           Yang Guang, Vice President of Shenzhen Gas 

Topic: Smart Gas, A New Experience Of Safety And Convenience 

ž           Wang Hong, Executive Vice President, China Merchants Group Limited  

ž           Zhu Wei, Senior Managing Director & Chairman - Greater China, Accenture 

Topic: Driving Innovation and Quality Growth —— The Accenture China Digital Transformation Index 

ž           Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei Limited and Onething Technologies 

Topic: New Technology, New Economy, New Ecosystem 

ž           Gong Kerk, Managing Director of Eduardo Asset Management Co.,Ltd 

Topic: Introducing Jamicon In+, A First Class Business Park Embracing Cutting-Edge AI Industries 

           Technological Innovation Promotes High-quality Economic Development: Capital Enabling Innovation 


ž           Wu Xiaoqiu, Vice President and Professor of International Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Renmin University 

Topic: 40 Years of Reform & Opening Up and China's Financial Development 

ž           Wang Jianjun, President and CEO of Shenzhen Stock Exchange 

Topic: Enhancing an Ecosystem for Innovative Capital, and Providing Fresh Impetus for High-quality Development 

ž           Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates; Former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs 

Topic: Enhancing Sino-American Bilateral and Global Cooperation to Advance Progress in High Technology 


       Innovation Center Session 

                      The Synthesis of Industry, Education & Research: To Stimulate New Motility for Industrial Reform 

           Enterprise-Based & Market-Oriented: To Build a New Strategic Industrial Innovation System  

Moderator: Xing Zaozhong, Secretary of the CPC and President, Financial News 


ž           Mike de Vries, COO of Sino German Hi Tech Park 

             Topic: Transnational Synergy of Technological Innovation 

Panelists for Panel Discussion: 

ž   Shi Qilin, General Manager and Executive Director of Beijing Zhongguancun Xinxigu Assets Management Co. Ltd. 

ž   Mike de Vries, COO of Sino German Hi Tech Park 

ž   Li Ruicheng, Global Senior Vice President, Managing Director of SAP Labs China 

ž   Wang Hongquan, General Manager, Baidu Yunzhi Base  


November 15, 9:30-12:00                      Bougainvillea Hall 

Disruptive Innovation & Technologies I 

           Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing Session: How Far Is The Future of Communication and Computing Revolution? 

Moderator: Wang Haidong, Shenzhen Media Group 


ž           Guo Guangcan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Director of CAS Key Laboratory of Quantum Information, USTC 

Topic: Quantum Computer 

          Artificial Intelligence Session: The Unknowns and Challenges on The Road of Enabling 


ž           Henning Kagermann, Chairman of the Steering Committee of The National Platform “Future for Mobility”(NPM) The Former President of Acatech – German Academy of Technical Science 

Topic: Autonomous Systems–Potential and Challenges  

ž           Alain Crozier, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Greater China Region 

ž           Alex Yung, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director of AWS Greater China, Amazon 

Topic: Enterprise Innovation enabled by AI 

ž          Hong Fangming, President, Huawei Cloud China 

ž           Yang Yongdong, Founder of the Beone Brand, President of Chongqing Jinxin Technology Development Co.,Ltd. 

Topic: Everything Has Souls. -APOS IOE WISDOM OS 

ž           Gao Lufang, CEO, Evomot Co., Ltd. 

Topic: Next Generation Smart Home Appliance Revolution Lead by Artificial Intelligence 

ž           Fish Yu, Co-Founder and Vice President, Zhangmen 

Topic: “AI +Education”: Promoting Students’ Metacognitive Capacity is the Key Point 

ž           Michael Deng, CEO and Founder of Arcsoft, Inc. 

Topic: AI, Visual Artificial Intelligence Enables the Landing of Industry 


     November 15, 13:30-17:30                Bougainvillea Hall 

Disruptive Innovation & Technologies II 

Moderator: Wang Haidong, Shenzhen Media Group 

            Organic Chemistry and New Material Session: Creating New Applications of Chemistry 


ž           Robert H. Grubbs, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2005, Academician of National Academy of Sciences, United States, Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Topic: Applications of Synthetic Organic Chemistry to the Solution of Medical and Materials Problems 

            Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Session: The Infinite Possibility of The “Brain” Era 


ž           Tan Lihai, Director of Shenzhen Institute of Neuroscience 

Topic: Human Brain Mapping Technologies and Protection of Patients' Cognitive Functions 

            Life Science Session: How Genetic Engineering and Digital Life Will Change Human’s Health 


ž           Wang Xi, Vice President and CEO of PHILIPS China 

Topic: Embracing Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Innovation 

ž           Xie Guotong, Chief Healthcare Scientist of Ping An Technology 

Topic: Ping An HealthTech-Transform Healthcare through Artificial Inrelligence 

ž           Bill Zhou, COO, Greater China Group, IBM Watson Health 

Topic: Empowering Heroes, Transforming Health 

ž          Hou Yong, Executive Vice President of BGI-Research 

Topic: Trans-Omics and Health 

ž          Li Hao, Co-Founder and CIO of iCarbonX. 

Topic: Manage Digital Life and Pick Yourself Better 

            Chip Session: The Future of Chip Intelligence in AI and IoT Era 

Moderator: Wang Haidong, Shenzhen Media Group 


ž           Ni Guangnan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering 

Topic: Discussion on the Development of Open Source RISC-V 

ž           Deng Zhonghan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering , Chief Executive of the Chinese "National Starlight Integrated Circuits Project"  

Panelists for Panel Discussion: 

ž   Deng Zhonghan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering , Chief Executive of the Chinese "National Starlight Integrated Circuits Project" 

ž   Jin Yongbin, Vice President, Arm China 

ž   Zhang Ming, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, zGlue 

ž   Jeffrey Kang, President & CEO of Cogobuy Group, Founder of IngDan 

ž   Liu Daofu, Vice President, Cambricon Technologies Corporation Limited 

November 16, 9:30-12:00                      Bougainvillea Hall 

Technologies Leading Better Lives I 

Moderator:Wang Haidong, Shenzhen Media Group 

Address: Official of Shenzhen Municipal Government 

            Optoelectronic Technology: Where Will The Future Lighting Technology Light Up?  

ž           Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 2014 

Topic: The Current Status of LED and Future Solid State Lighting 

ž           Lin Mingfeng, President, Unilumin Group Co., Ltd 

Topic: Where is The Future Direction of LED Technology 

ž           Bill Liu, Chairman & CEO of Royole Corporation 

Topic: "Flexible+": A Thought on Technological Innovation and Commercialization 

ž           Shao Xibin, Senior Vice President, BOE Group 

Topic: Vehicle Display in the IoT Era 

            Intelligent Manufacturing: Reconstructing The New Mode of Productive Forces and Relations of Production 


ž           Jessica Liu, Vice President, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd. 

Topic: Future-oriented Manufacturing & Supply Chain Innovation 

ž          Yin Bingxin, Chairman and General Manager, Brother (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. 

Topic: Corporate Innovation and Development Promoted by Intelligent Office 

ž          Frank Fang, Vice President & CTO, Greater China, Siemens Industry Software  

Topic: Preliminary Thoughts on Platform Economy Enabled by Digital Industries 

ž          Dong Aiqiang, General ManagerCloud Computing DivisionR & D Division, Beijing China-Power Information Technology Co., Ltd., State Grid Information & Telecommunication Group 

Topic: Make Software Development Simple in Cloud 

ž           Tian Hao, Head of Department Sustainable Development and R&D, Thyssenkrupp Greater China Area 

 Topic: Identify the New Opportunities by Digitally Connecting the Value Chains 

November 16, 13:30-17:30                      Bougainvillea Hall 

Technologies Leading Better Lives II 

Moderator: Wang Haidong, Shenzhen Media Group 

            Research Report Release 


ž            Steve Lo, Managing Partner of Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Asia Pacific, EY 

           5G Session: The New Era of Next Generation Communication Technology  


ž            Wang Qingyang,   Member of China Telecom Committee on Science and Technology, Director of Mobile Communication Research Department, Guangzhou Research Institute of China Telecom 

Topic: Discussion on 5G Technologies and Applications 

ž           Lei Jun, General Manager of Beijing Nufront Mobile Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. 

Topic: EUHT-Rebuild Industrial Application for A Better Life 

             IoE Session: Connecting of Future 


ž           Victor Hou, Vice president for Greater China, Cisco System Inc 

Topic: Interconnected of Everything to Build a Better Future - Cisco IoT Best Practice 

ž           Jiang Wangcheng, President, Huawei IoT Solution 

Topic: Huawei Connected Vehicle : Leverage ICT to Drive Transformation to Future Mobility Through Vehicle and Road Enablement 

ž           Jason Chua, Executive Director, Advanced Projects, United Technologies Corporation (UTC) 

ž           Wen Li, Vice President, Shenzhen Montnets Technology Development Co., Ltd 

Topic: Empower Companies with Smart Communication Technology for an Era of Business Intelligence 

             Automatic Driving Session: Driving into The Realm of “Driverless” in The Intelligent Age 


ž           Song Chaozhong, CEO of Shenzhen Echiev Autonomous Driving Technology Co., Ltd. 

Topic: The Application of GEMINI OpenPilot Platform in Automatic Drive 

ž           Chu Min, Vice President & President of Beijing R&D Institute, AISpeech Co., Ltd. 

Topic: Service with Intelligence, Powered by The Innovative Heuristic Conversation Technologies 

ž           Zhou Guang, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Roadstar.ai. 

Topic: HD RealityMaps, The Inevitable Path to Achieve Level 4 Self-Driving Cars 

ž           Huang Yu, Chief Scientist and President, R&D Company of Singulato Motors at USA 



China Hi-Tech Forum 2018 

Future Technology Summit   

Time: November 14, 201813:30-17:00 Venue: Daffodils Hall, 6F, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center  


          How will Technology Finance Develop Driven by AII? 

           The Future Trend of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence 

          Industrial Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacture in the Future 

           Intelligent Manufacture Helps Transform and Revolution  


Moderator: Wei Qing, National Technology Officer in Microsoft China 



ž          Wei Qing, National Technology Officer in Microsoft China 

TopicTransformation Of Everything 

ž                     Li Shijiang, Chairman of DO-FLUORIDE GROUP;  Chairman of DO-FLUORIDE CHEMICALS CO., LTD. 

TopicThe Road of Transformation and Upgrading of Do-Fluoride Chemicals (DFD) Supported by Intelligent Manufacturing 

ž          Wang Hongquan, General Manager, Baidu Yunzhi Base  

TopicConstruction of Innovative Industrial Chain and Ecological Chain of Baidu Yunzhi Base 

ž          Chen Haowen, Chairman of Changsha Microbrain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., 

TopicWizards in Intelligent Driving and IoT: Millimeter Wave Radar 

ž          Yu Yongfeng, CEO and Co-Founder of 100run.com 

TopicFintech Helps Compliance of Enterprise Financing 

ž          Du Xiaojun, Co-Founder and CEO, Beijing ZRPD (Group) Co. Ltd. 

Topic: Implementation and Application of Chinese Semantic  

Recognition –just like Brain Assistant System 

ž          Hu Lei, Founder and CEO, Beijing Dilusense Technology Co.,Ltd. 

TopicFrom Depth Perception to 3D Recognition 

ž          Liu Xuenan, Founder and CEO of Beijing Canbot Technology Co.Ltd 

TopicThe Good Time of Service Robot in Application Scenarios 

ž                     Chen Ning, Co-Founder and CEOShenzhen Intellifusion Technolgoies Co.,Ltd. 

TopicConnect Vision with Core, Create Future with Intelligence 

ž          Ma Yuchi, Co-founder, Chairman and COO of Trio.ai 

TopicThe AI Companies that Don’t Talk About Commercialization are All Acting. 

ž          Rafa Ouyang, Head of Fintell Shenzhen Department. 

TopicThe Next Chapter of Risk Management 

ž          Wang Jing, Vice President, Shenzhen Institute, Zhonglu Fund  

           TopicThe Application of Fintech in Asset Allocation 

ž          Wang Jin, Senior Solution Expert of TCL Group; CAO of Getech Co.,Ltd 

TopicEvolution Towards Intelligent ManufacturingThe Development Paths of Smart Industry 

ž          Jin Dangbo, Shanxi Jin Rui Xi Technology Development Co., Ltd. 

TopicTransformation and Innovative Application of Intelligent Manufacturing Materials