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An Introduction to the 18th CHTF Aerospace Exhibition

I. Exhibition profile

China High-tech Fair, reputed as “The Top Exhibition for Chinese Technologies”, is a grand sci-tech event with the highest level, largest scale, and most extensive influence in China. It has received high attention and strong support from the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and has developed into a high-end and professionalized exhibition at state-level with international influence. As China’s new strategic industry, the aerospace industry has been classified as the pillar industry for the future of Shenzhen. Driven by the state policies, favored by Municipal Party Committee of Shenzhen and Shenzhen Municipal Government, and strongly supported by the Organizing Committee of CHTF, the 17th CHTF Aerospace Exhibition achieved ideal results at its debut, brought together a lot of leading and pivotal aerospace enterprises from home and abroad, and received high praise from leaders of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen. After attending the CHTF Aerospace Exhibition, Zhou Ji, President and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhu Xiaodan, Vice Secretary of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Governor of Guangdong Province, and Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen City gave full recognition and high praise to Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Association for its endeavors in promoting the development of the aerospace industry. It is the second time for CHTF to hold the large-scale aerospace exhibition, and the 18th CHTF Aerospace Exhibition is a professional one to which CHTF attached much importance. Enterprises from different fields (like UAV, general aviation, avionics, satellite navigation, aerospace materials, and precision manufacturing) will be invited to attend this exhibition. In addition, supporting activities like flight performance, new product release, industry forum, technical exchange, and business negotiation will also be held.

II. Organizational Structure

Sponsor: The Organizing Committee of China High-tech Fair

Supporter: Economy, Trade, and Information Commission of Shenzhen

Organizer: Shenzhen China International High-tech Achievements Trade Center (Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd.)

Shenzhen Chamber of Investment

Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Association

Shenzhen AVIC General Aviation Co., Ltd.


China Aviation News Press








III. Exhibition Time and Place

Time: November 16, 2016 to November 21, 2016

Place: No. 2 Hall of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

IV. Exhibition Scope

Avionics, UAV, satellite navigation, aerospace materials, precision manufacturing equipment, microsatellite, aerospace ecological control and health monitoring, general aviation contemporary services, and aviation maintenance and inspection.

V. Professional activities

1. UAV flight performance

Outside of the CHTF exhibition site there is a special zone for UAV flight performance, where UAV flight performance teams and UAV flight fans from exhibitors, domestic and overseas counterparts, excellent UAV pilot training institutions, and institutions of higher education for aerospace will be organized for product display and flying competition.

2. Aerospace Industry Development Summit Forum

Authorities and academic experts from relevant management departments, leading industries excellent innovative enterprises and investment agencies will be summoned from Shenzhen and the whole country to attend the forum, jointly discuss the current development trend of the aerospace industry at home and abroad, communicate and interact from the perspective of industry development, technology R & D, and industry chain, bring forth constructive suggestions so as to boost the development of Chinese aerospace industry.

VI. Booth Price

1. Standard booth (3MX3M): RMB 16,173 per booth

(Configurations: exhibition lintel, display stand, one desk and two chairs, ordinary lighting, one 220V/5A power socket, and two spot lamps. )

2. Price only for the land (36 square meters at least): RMB 1,630/m2;

VII. Participation Method and Application Procedure

1. After filling and stamping the participation form, Exhibitor shall submit it to the contact person of the exhibition organizer by means of fax or email, pay off the participation fees within five days and send the remitting bill to the organizer for later checking.

2. After receiving the payment, the organizer shall issue the Booth Confirmation Letter. With materials like the Booth Confirmation Letter, Exhibitor shall register at the exhibition site for move-in. The organizer reserves the right to negotiate with the exhibitor and adjust the booth location.

3. Exhibitor shall ensure that items on display be consistent with the content provided in the form. If not, the organizer has the right to deal with the discrepancy and reserve the right of final interpretation. Exhibitor shall ensure that its credit standings and exhibition items meet the CHTF’s unified requirements. If there is any problem, Exhibitor shall independently assume all responsibilities.

4. Participation form is a formal contract document, which will be legally binding after being confirmed and stamped by Exhibitor.

VIII. Contact Information

Booth reservation:

Mrs. Zhou: Mobile: 15994731093         Fixed Line: 0755-25831502 Email: zrj@szaia.org

Mr. Yang: Mobile: 13827488833         Fixed Line: 0755-25832962         Email: ygj@szaia.org

Fax: 0755-25832803

Visit by spectators: Mrs. Liu

Tel: 18211563606

Fixed Line: 0755-25831516

Fax: 0755-25832803

Email: lwj@szaia.org

Add: Floor 35, Building B, Zhongmin Times Square, No. 12, Sungang East Road, Shenzhen.