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Aerospace & Aviation Technology Show

China Hi-Tech Fair 2017

Aerospace & Aviation Technology Show

The Exhibition Overview

In recent years, Mr. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Chinese President and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, repeatedly stressed “the adherence to innovation driving, the construction of aerospace & aviation power, and the achievement of the great China Dream”. Under the guidance of the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, China Manufacturing 2025, Civil-military Integration and other national development strategies, the Chinese government pays high attention to the development of the aerospace industry, viewing it as one of the national strategic emerging industries and a high-tech industry with development priority.

As the pioneer of China’s reform and opening-up and an innovative city, Shenzhen is taking an active part in serving national development strategies, and issued the Development Policies for the Future Industries in Shenzhen and the Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Development Planning (2013-2020) in December, 2013, listing the aerospace industry as one of the future industries to which priority is given in terms of development, thus providing robust organizational, policy-based, financial and spatial guarantee for the take-off of the aerospace industry in Shenzhen.

China Hi-Tech Fair—Aerospace & Aviation Technology Show (CHTF—AATS) has been successfully held for two sessions since its launch in 2015. It has become one of the specialized shows with the most attention at CHTF, which gained wide acknowledgement by state leaders, provincial representatives, overseas visitors and industry users. In 2017, the 3rd AATS will be presented at Hall 2, attracting about 50 exhibitors in aerospace & aviation and estimated 30,000 professionals to attend the event. In addition, 400 high-end attendees will join the concurrent professional forums.

The Review of CHTF 2016

With a floor space of 1,000 square meters, CHTF—AATS 2016 brought together approximately 20 exhibitors from industries of drone, satellite navigation, new material, modern general aviation service, avionics, trade service and other sectors, as well as more than 4,000 professionals and over 20,000 visitors to the show. Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Association as the organizer was honored with the “Outstanding Organization Award”, and exhibitors including Harwar International, Kingtitan and Open Source Maker Space with the “Excellent Product Award”, among which Harwar International’s drone was even among the “Top 10 Products at CHTF”.

At the previous exhibition, a number of highlights and features could be found in scope of exhibits and meetings & activities. The first one was the application of aerospace materials, including carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, allumen, hydrogen fuel, polymer polyurethane and lightweight impact resistance composite material, which were introduced at the event; the second one was high-profile meetings & activities, including the new “China Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Development Summit” and “China Hi-Tech Fair—Aerospace & Aviation Hi-Tech Project Financing Roadshow”, which reflected the best interaction of promoting “show” through “meeting” and integrating “meeting” with “show”.


The Exhibition Advantages

►China’s aerospace industry was supported by governments at each level and leading companies in the industry.

►Extremely huge influence and attention can be acquired through CHTF.

►High-end and professional

►Complete industrial chain – from materials to machine manufacturing

►With an extensive coverage of activities, professional buyers from different countries and regions were attracted each year.

►Headquarters/R&D centers of many Fortune 500 companies have been settled in Shenzhen.

►The host city is equipped with a large airport and a complete aerospace & aviation production chain.

►Technical partners from China and around the world are the targeted visitors.

The Highlights

To further highlight the professionalism of the show and to facilitate the effective interaction between exhibitors and visitors, the organizing committee provides a distinctive planning for the show in exhibition areas, including Avionics & Related Technology, Satellite Navigation & Beidou Application, Aerospace Precision Manufacturing & Equipment, and General Aviation Service, in accordance with the demands of exhibitors and visitors.

Avionics Technology & Appliance

   Avionics is the sum of all electronic systems on an airplane. An avionics system is composed of multiple systems such as the communication system, the navigation system, the flight control system, and the display management system. It also includes an information integrated system for information exchange and resource sharing among the above component systems. In 2015, the avionics industry in Shenzhen was worth 12.6 billion yuan, and the figure is expected to rise to more than 40 billion yuan by 2020.
Aerospace Precision Manufacturing & Equipment

   The China Manufacturing 2025 Key Technology Roadmap (2015) proposes the focus on the great demands of economic and social development and national security. It also emphasizes achieving key breakthroughs in 10 selected key strategic industries, with an aim to make these industries be in the international leading position or reach an international advanced level. Specifically, the aerospace equipment includes aircrafts, aero-engines, airborne equipment & systems, and the space equipment. Moreover, precision manufacturing technologies & equipment such as high-end equipment, extreme tools and composite 3D printing are in a position to break bottlenecks of processing technology of engine blade, cartridge receiver and other core parts.
Satellite Navigation & Beidou Application

   For six decades, the construction and development of China’s space industry has always been sticking to the technical innovation, industrial innovation, collaborative innovation and open innovation, hence blazing a new trail in independent innovation in the industry stamped with Chinese characteristics. In 2016, the annual output of China’s satellite application industry hit 200 billion yuan. During the “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” period (2016-2020), China will continue to promote the development of space technology, space science and space application in a comprehensive and coordinated manner in accordance with the new development idea of “One Body & Two Wings”, that is, to take the innovation of aerospace engineering as the body and space application and space science as two wings.
General Aviation Service

   The General Guidance on the Promotion of the Aviation Industry issued by the State Council releases a policy signal that China will be demonstrating its efforts to develop the general aviation industry, bringing forward that more than 500 utility airports will be completed, the number of general-purpose aircrafts will exceed 500, and the time of annual flights will be more than 2,000,000 hours across the country by 2020. With the roll-out of related favorable policies that China will open the low-altitude airspace and encourage private enterprises to partake in the aviation industry, an increasing number of visionary investors start to focus on the general aviation industry, opening up huge earning opportunities for general-purpose aircrafts. 


The Meetings & Activities

2nd China Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Development Summit

The 2nd China Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Development Summit, hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and organized by Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Association, is themed with “Opportunities and Challenges of the Development of China’s National Avionics”. The event will invite leaders of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), authorities in Shenzhen, Chinese and international leading businesses in avionics, authoritative experts, scholars, heads of civil aviation companies to dive into related issues, including the technological development and market demands of national avionics, international airworthiness certification system and safe flight of China’s avionics products for civil aircrafts, policies for the avionics industry in Shenzhen, and the promotion of research, development, and production. It aims to boost the development of China’s national avionics and improve the core competence of China’s aerospace industry as a whole.


Aerospace & Aviation Hi-Tech Project Financing Roadshow


Concurrent with the China Hi-Tech Fair—Hi-Tech Project Financing Roadshow, the China Hi-Tech Fair—Aerospace & Aviation Hi-Tech Project Financing Roadshow will set up an efficient venture capital connection platform for participating aerospace enterprises and aerospace projects with financing needs.

Charging Standards

Standard Booth


16,173 yuan/booth (for Chinese exhibitors)

20,000 yuan/booth (for international exhibitors)

Configurations: fascia, three display racks, one desk & two chairs, lamp, one 220V/5A outlet, two spotlights

Raw Space( 36 )


1,630 yuan/ (for Chinese exhibitors)

2,000 yuan/ (for international exhibitors)

No configurations, built by exhibitors themselves

Front View of a Standard Booth      Top View of a Standard Booth

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