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Information Technology Exhibition

China Hi-Tech Fair 2017

Nov. 16th to 21st, 2017

Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Innovating Minds for Intelligent Future

The China Hi-Tech Fair (i.e. the CHTF) is jointly hosted by China’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture, State Intellectual Property Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. 18 sessions of this annual high tech event have been successfully convened in Shenzhen City. Being the largest of its kind in terms of scales and influence, it won fame as China’s No.1 Technology Show.

The Information Technology Exhibition of the CHTF 2017, i.e. the IT Exhibition will not only be an experience of innovating minds but an opportunity for companies to engage closely with the resourceful players of the global market and to benefit from the growth of the industry. Eye-opening forums, seminars, interactive meetings and new product release enable attendees to tap into the latest development of the industry and connect with potential partners. The exhibition has included key technologies, core technologies and leading technologies of the information industry, ranging from AI, VR, AR, to unmanned driving. The IT Exhibition, as it always did, will set the benchmark for the industry in technology and innovation.

► Why CHTF

♦ Market Opportunities in the 2nd largest economy of the world

As the 2nd largest economy of the world, China engages with the global market in a scale unprecedented to this ancient nation. With one of the fastest growth rate in the world, its booming market holds great appeal for technology innovators and product manufacturers.

Edges of China’s No.1 Technology Show

For the past 18 years, the CHTF keeps setting benchmarks for the industry and has established itself as the annual highlight for the IT players. It is a panorama display of the High-Tech industry featured by innovation in the Information Technology. The fascinating program of this mega fair includes product transfer meetings, new product displays, high level forums, VC investment meetings and other interaction for potential partnership. It enables companies to quickly gain first hand information on technology development and the market trend. And meetings with capitals and investors arranged by the Exhibition also means market orders and financing opportunities.

  Brand building on a celebrated platform

As a celebrated platform of the industry, the IT Exhibition offers direct interaction between business leaders, mainstream media and senior administrators of the industry. Renown companies at home and abroad take the Exhibition as a golden opportunity for brand building and display latest products and technologies in front of high-tech executives, buyers, media and consumers. The IT Exhibition will prove itself well worth the investment for ambitious companies to build brands and distinct in competition, regardless of their scales.

Professional visitors for professional exhibition

In the CHTF 2016, over 589,000 visits from 97 countries and regions were recorded. Among them, there were international and domestic buyers, manufacturers, engineers, product designers, Chief Technical Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Experience Officers, investment managers and executives in charge of procurement. Statistics indicated that these medium to high level executives and officers from corporations contributed to 52.5% of the visits. The CHTF 2017 expects over 600,000 visits with interests in meeting the most innovative minds and products of the world.

Targeted promotion backed by CHTF's omnibearing publicity

The CHTF publicity functions include regular roadshows in European and American markets, in South Korea and Japan, as well as in the domestic market like Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou. The Overseas Exhibitions of the CHTF, its press conferences, and the promotion for the CHTF staged along with the overseas visits of the Shenzhen Municipality are covered by mainstream media on line and in the air with in-depth analysis and detailed stories. Our CHTF official website offers rolling ads in Chinese and English.

 ► Features

Latest development in AI, VR, AR, MR, the Internet of Things, Smart Home and other cutting edge information technologies

A. Unmanned driving, auto driving, face recognition, iris recognition, visual/audio recognition, service robots and other AI technologies.

B. VR,AR,MR Smart devices

C. Intelligent community, intelligent transportation, smart home, industry robots, 3D printer and other technology related to intelligent manufacturing

D. Internet + Health, Internet + Life, Smart Wearable Devices and other products and resolutions related to sports and health.

E. Sensors, RF, GPS and other technologies related to the internet of things.

►Ž Highlights

The IT Exhibition of CHTF 2017 is composed by 5 themed pavilions, namely AI Pavilion, VR/AR Pavilion, Smart Home Pavilion, Intelligent Manufacturing Pavilion and the Sports and Health Technology Pavilion. Products experience zones are open to all attendees for an amazing interaction with the cool tech of the future.

 ►  IT Professional Technology Forums

The IT Professional Technology Forums are staged for the industry leaders to share visions and innovations and to increase the market awareness of the latest products. They include

☆ 2017 International AI Summit Forum

☆ 2017 International VR/AR Forum

☆ 2017 Global Intelligent Product Summit


► Value-added service

1. Product Previews on CHTF official website in English and Chinese

2. In-depth features by professional reporters and media

3. News coverage by media

4. Publicity in the overseas visits of the Municipality

5. CHTF WeChat Vote for the Top Ten Popular Products,

6. Best Product Prize/Best Display Prize

7. Project roadshow

8. Corporation executive interview

9. New product and technology launch

10. Guest commentators

11. Themed visits

12. Recommended VIP Exhibitors

13. Previews of Exhibition Highlights

14. Corporation Salons

‘ ► Price of Booth

Raw space

A-class Booth: 2,450 RMB per square meter

B-class Booth: 2,050 RMB per square meter

Standard booth

A-class Booth: 24,300 RMB for 9 square meters

B-class Booth: 20,300 RMB for 9 square meters

(Extra 10% charge of the net booth price will be added, Standard booth includes a company’s fascia, display racks, two fluorescent lamps, carpet, two folding chairs, one table and one power socket)

Join the IT Exhibition of the 2017 CHTF

Embrace the power of IT, embrace the world.

For more information, please visit: www.chtf.com/english

Organizer:China Hi-Tech Transfer Center (Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd.)

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