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China Hi-Tech Fair 2016 


Innovation of IT, Outwitting of Future 

Venue: Exhibition Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Date: November 16 - 21, 2016

Host: China Hi-Tech Organizing Committee

Organizer: China Hi-Tech Transfer Center (Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd.)

Partner:International Data Group (IDG)

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Review of Previous CHTF

About CHTF 

Renowned as “the No. 1 Technology Show in China”, China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) was debut since 1999 and has been successfully held in succession. More than 30 national leaders attended and shared thoughts and advices over these years. Over 60% exhibitors, around 2,000 of them, occupied by domains, such as, IT, communication and electronic information. An exhibition chain for industrial groups has been constituted by large number of exhibitors.

The general information of CHTF 2015 can be found below:

Photos of IT section: 

 About IT of CHTF

The Information Technology and Products Exhibition is the largest exhibition of CHTF, spanning a floor area of 30,000 ㎡. It is a trading platform for deal making and technology transfer in the global IT industry and stands at the forefront of China’s exhibition sector with leading figures in terms of professional approach, exhibition influence, internationalization, vendors’ quantity and famous enterprises’ attendance.

There were enterprises from the USA, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Hongkong and Taiwan, and 547 domestic enterprises and 50 transnational enterprises attended IT of CHTF 2015, such as, Chinese Electric, Baidu, Weisheng, Tongfang, Tencent, Greatwall, Jingdong, etc.. The exhibition area was around 30,000 m2. 5 professional matching forums, such as,‘Internet+Collaborative Manufacturing & Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Summit, 2015 Global Intelligence Products Summit, Meeting for Intelligence Manufacturing Technology Application in Electronics Industry 2015’were held. There were groups of professional institutions from 6 overseas areas including Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, etc. attended the fair.

According to the third party’s investigation, the overall popularity index of professional visitors of CHTF 2015 had reached to 238; The popularity index of buyers had reached to 55. Professional visitors had a wide range of industrial coverage in occupations, such as, IT and communication (14.24%), and electronics and information (40.58%). 62.9% of professional visitors were satisfied with the exhibition and over 80% of them expressed their willingness to attend next year’s CHTF, which had great impacts and influences for IT exhibition.

Part of IT exhibitors 

(Due to the space limitation, main companies have been listed only)

CHTF ‘Trinity’s’ Organizing System

?Diversities of Service Innovation

CHTF offers exhibitors value-added services, such as, Projects roadshows, exclusive interviews with executives, new products & technologies press release, themed routes visit, key exhibitors’ recommendation and pre-view of new products’ highlights, to maximize the exhibits’ impact in a yearly basis. The large variety of services will create opportunities to bring exhibitors and visitors working closer.

Diversification of Vendors’ Resources

Based on subdividing buyers’ groups via means of “Buyers’ Purchasing Through Matching Services, On-Line Products’ Promotion Services All Year Round, Associations and Government Organized Buyers’ Participation, Buyers’ Invitation Through Overseas Cooperative Associations, Advertisement Invitation Periodically” to cover the whole industrial chain, face different buyers and organize buyers’ promotion activities annually for the purpose of inviting more buyers, decision makers and suppliers to visit CHTF. According to the incomplete statistics report, professional buyers from more than 100 countries and districts had been invited, and over 80 buyers’ groups had visited and made procurement from last CHTF.

Full Services on Publicity and Promotion 

CHTF holds activities, such as, propaganda and promotion regularly in Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Beijing and Guangzhou annually, which can build up full services’ network promotion through “press conferences, in-depth reports from the cooperative media, media advertising, promotion from government overseas trading delegations and CHTF official English website”. Therefore, enabling domestic and overseas enterprises and visitors to have comprehensive understandings on CHTF, thus to gain great contributions on cooperation opportunities between exhibitors and visitors.

The following are part of the medias that have been participated in live report during the CHTF for many times

( More Information can be found from Professional Service Staff)

Exhibition Domains and Key Products’ Scopes

IT of CHTF covers great demands on technologies, products and services in new generation information technology fields, such as, virtual reality, smart manufacturing, smart wearable devices, Internet of Things (IOT), smart home, big data, mobile Internet...

A.IOT relevance technologies and products- Sensors, radio-frequency technologies and GPS;

B.Intelligence relevant technologies and products- Intelligence community, intelligence transportation, smart home, robot and 3D printer;

C.Mobile Internet and electronics products- Virtual reality, reality augmentation and smart Wearable devices;

D.Smart products- Smart phones, tablets, new generation displays;

E、Internet + solutions and products- Internet + transportation, Internet + Health, Internet + life .

 Highlights of IT Exhibition

Highlights of IT exhibition are focusing on the industrial development trends and hot topics, highlighted themed exhibition areas’ setup. Visitors can participate into and gain interaction experience from the Annual Best Products’ Experience Area. Meanwhile, professional forums are launched to serve the implementation of the full interactions between exhibitors and audiences from spectrums of products’ theoretical concept to delivery.

A. Smart Wearable Devices Zone 

Virtual reality, reality augmentation, smart watch, smart glasses, smart bracelet / gloves, smart mask / helmet, smart cap, health monitoring equipment, etc..

B. Intelligence Manufacturing Zone 

UAVs, robots, superior CNCs and basic manufacturing equipments; Intelligent control systems and intelligent customized equipments, etc..

C. Smart Home 

Household appliance control, lighting control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared transponder, and smart home technologies and products with functions of programmable timing control and other functions.

D. Internet + Zone 

“Internet + Manufacturing”, “Internet + Finance”, “Internet + Business”, “Internet + Logistics”, “Internet + Culture”, “Internet + Public Service” and some other Internet related products.

Price of Booth 

1.Net booth price: 

CNY 2,450 /㎡ for A-class Booth; CNY 2,050 /㎡ for B-class Booth.

2. Standard booth: CNY 24,255 /9 m2 for A-class Booth; CNY 20,295/9m2 for B-class Booth. (Extra 10% charge of the net booth price will be added, Standard booth is equipped with a company’s fascia board, display racks, two fluorescent lamps, carpets, two folding chairs, one table and one power socket.

Forum Session

2016 Global Smart Wearable Devices Forum

2016 Global VR/AR Trends Forum

2016 China Smart City Development Forum

2016 Third Session of Global Smart Products Forum... ...

Welcome to the Information Technology and Product Exhibition

China Hi-Tech Fair 2016

Splendid IT, Connecting the World!

For more information, please visit: www.chtf.com/english

Exhibition Contacts

Organizer: China Hi-Tech Transfer Center (Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd.)

Address: Room 1114, Gate 10, Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, 518048

Tel:+86-755-82848851 82848852 82848862 82848869


E-mail:ljk@chtf.com,fang@chtf.com, humin@chtf.com, kong@chtf.com, linzhifeng@chtf.com

Contacts:Mr Liao, Ms Fang, Ms Hu, Ms Kong, Mr Lin


International Data Group( IDG )