14.- 18. November 2018 Shenzhen convention & exhibition center
China Smart City Expo 2017

November 16-21, 2017

Hall 6, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Themed “Intelligent Co-fusion, Smart City”, China Smart City Expo 2017 is held in China Hi-Tech Fair 2017 (CHTF 2017) at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, with focuses on leading innovation-driven development, promoting intelligent manufacturing, boosting the transformation of applications in new technology for traditional industries, strengthening the development and application of mobile internet technology. The exhibition integrates a number of new technologies and products in ICT, including city planning and management, communication and information, security and emergency, cloud computing and big data technology applications, IoT, mobile Apps, intelligent hardware. The event provides a complete showcase of today’s perspective, innovative applied technologies such as mobile internet, IoT, big data, and cloud computing around the world, outstanding R&D achievements, successful cases of the construction of Smart City, and concepts and emerging technologies of the construction of new Smart City. In addition, the “Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Summit” will be held at the same time, bringing together leading businesses and the best brains from all over the world, building a platform for policy discussion and academic exchange, enhancing discussions and academic exchange about the development and application of mobile internet technology, and facilitating the connection among governments, enterprises and scientific research community and financial circles. It aims to provide a panoramic service platform for the industry development and strives to create the world’s leading Smart City event.

Planning map of exhibition:


Exhibition Scope:

♦ Urban Planning and Management: top-level design and solutions of smart city, systematically display the planning, construction, environmental monitoring and governance of new city and transformation of smart city and other programs;

♦ City Safety and Emergency: city security and emergency services, monitoring alarm system, comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation system, etc.;

♦ Communication, Information and the Operator Product: data communication equipment, wireless communication technology, technology solutions of public information and communication, etc.

♦ Application of Cloud Computing and Data Technology: case and technology exhibition of medical, education, finance, energy, environmental protection and other cloud computing technology and application of big data.

♦ Application of IOT Technology: display of the application and solutions of IOT technologies, such as smart buildings, smart industrial park, smart home, mobile and transportation, car networking, geographic information, etc.;

♦ Mobile Applications: Display of typical and excellent mobile terminal applications, such as medical, education, financial affairs, etc.;

♦ Intelligent Hardware: The household appliances, automobiles, wearable devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, robot and traditional service industry realize the display of the technologies of mobile terminal control, information interconnection and automation combined with wireless communication technology;

♦ Achievement Exhibition Area: lead the achievement exhibition of construction of smart city;

Exhibition Purpose:

 Gather top enterprises at home and abroad, lead the development trend of smart city, create more business opportunities;

 Provide the display of construction achievements of smart cities, the related latest products and technology platform, promote trade and technological exchanges;

 Help develop business opportunities through the live display and experience of the intelligent products and services;

 Enhance corporate brand image, hold its position in the industry;

 Open up the opportunities for business cooperation in potential market in face-to-face supply and demand;

Concurrent Activities:


2017 Asia Pacific Smart City Development Summit Forum

 2017 Asia Pacific Smart City Selection

 Private Meeting of Smart City Industry Leaders in Asia-Pacific Region

 Consulting Meeting of Asia-Pacific Smart City Project

 Release of Asia-Pacific Smart City Index 2017

 Achievement Display of Asia-Pacific’s Leading Smart Cities

Booth Price:

Raw Space-- which can be built by exhibitors to make personalized design

►Price of raw space (rented from 36 square meters)

Class A exhibition area: RMB 2000 per square meters

Class B exhibition area: RMB 1800 per square meters


Standard Booth

The professional exhibition areas with unified design and unified decoration of topics are more attractive to the eyes, which can become a major feature of the exhibition area. (Standard configuration: fascia board marked with the name of company, display rack, two fluorescent lights, carpet, two folding chairs, a table and a power socket)

► Price of Standard Booth (each booth covers 9 square meters)

Class A exhibition booth: RMB 20000 for each

Class B exhibition booth: RMB 18000 for each

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