Tech leaders discuss AI's impact across industries

News sources:CHTF Organizing Committeev Release Date:2024-03-04 14:29

At the 25th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), prominent experts, scholars, and industry leaders delivered insightful speeches outlining the diverse potential applications of AI in finance, biomedicine, supply chains, and scientific research.

Qiu Yunping, president of Deutsche Bank (China), focused on AI in finance, including intelligent marketing, advisory services, risk control, and end-to-end automation of financial operations.

Lin Jianming, founder, chairman, and CEO of SMYCloud, emphasized leveraging embedding, completion, and fine-tuning technologies for intelligent transformation in risk modeling, fraud prevention, customer operations, and modeling effectiveness.

Pan Yi, director of the school of computer science with CAS Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, highlighted the potential of AIGC (AI-generated content) in biopharmaceuticals, particularly in new drug development, using AI to generate new molecules and improve R&D efficiency.

Lyu Taixin, CTO of JUSDA, pointed out AI's value in global supply chain management, enhancing efficiency in warehousing, transportation, internal decision-making, and the synergy of AI with traditional automation capabilities.

Huang Ying, vice president of Lenovo Group, focused on edge computing, advocating for powerful edge computing capabilities to support communication, data streaming, industrial production lines, and AI applications.

Li Lin, global senior vice president of Elsevier, stressed AI's role in advancing scientific research, particularly AI for Science, as a paradigm to enhance research efficiency and drive industrial innovation.