At the 25th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), prominent experts, scholars, and industry leaders delivered insightful speeches outlining the diverse potential

News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2024-03-01 14:45

After the debut of Sora, an AI model capable of generating "realistic" and "imaginative" 60-second videos based on brief text prompts, over 66 Sora concept stocks in A-share and Hong Kong markets surged. Over 10 A-share companies disclosed their video generation model business on interactive platforms in the last three months. Some of them shared their insights on the development and future of Sora.

CloudWalk utilized generative technologies to model human images and videos, collaborating with Tianjin Port and Huawei to develop the PortGPT model for port operations efficiency and safety. The company has also expanded into cross-modal fields such as digital image and video.

Broadv is monitoring Sora-related businesses in media security. Their Sora-related products are in the early stages, with potential applications under further research, expected to stimulate video data growth and promote the industry.

Insight anticipates launching the beta version of its video generation function by March and has received bids for AIGC marketing projects from well-known brands in the automotive and fast-moving consumer goods industries to expedite commercialization.

Hanvon stated that Sora is at the forefront of dynamic developments. The company has core text and image recognition technologies that can be applied in various domains.

At the 25th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), numerous AI companies showcased their latest products. Expectations are high for the upcoming 26th CHTF's IT and AI exhibitions, where various AI products, including the "video generation" large model, are set to make a dazzling appearance.