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Korean Exhibition Group: Strong lineup, Record-breaking scale & Leading quality
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2016-11-17

In recent years, China-Korea cooperation has been deepened and achieved a leap. As a high-tech exchange platform, CHTF has not only promoted the technical exchanges between China and Korea, but also created a broad market space for exhibitors. Over 40 Korean high-tech enterprises will participate in CHTF 2016 with a total exhibition area of over 400 square meters, and hold the "Korea-China Enterprise Matchmaking Meeting", a large event with over 100 participants. Korea Pavilion sets a record for the number of exhibitors and exhibition area.

The Korean exhibition group will present technologies and products such as robot, intelligent RFID, smart city, automation design and smart home. For example, Minirobot focuses on AI design and production; Onscans manufactures production-specific 3D printers; Techinmotion develops voice recognition engines and VR solutions; Silt Lens developed by T.E.S. has been recognized as a new technology (NET); ODHITEC will present high-quality transparent LCD and the Dual View System with 3D effects; NEO POP will present 0.25mm Ultra Thin LED Pet Band, the first of its kind in the world. Numberless novel and quality Korean products will broaden your horizon.

Besides, the 2016 "Korea-China Enterprise Matchmaking Meeting" will be held at Plum Hall, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM November 19. We sincerely invite relevant enterprises to attend the meeting. The organizer will arrange matchmaking, present gifts and serve a lunch buffet.

Booth No: 1C91-1C135, International Pavilions in Hall 1