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First meeting and press conference of CHTF 2017 convened in Beijing
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-04-30

On April 27, 2017, the first meeting between members of CHTF 2017 was convened in Beijing. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Chen Biao, vice mayor of Shenzhen, and deputy director general and secretary general of CHTF Organizing Committee. Representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, State Intellectual Property Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and Shenzhen Municipal Government attended the meeting. The attendees were briefed with reports on the preparation and a framework plan of CHTF 2017, which was later passed by the Meeting. The meeting officially acknowledged the name list of the director general, deputy directors general and members of the Organizing Committee and decided upon the agenda for the next phase. The meeting was followed by the press conference of CHTF 2017, which attracted over 90 reporters from nearly 70 news agencies at home and abroad. Distinguished guests included embassy officials and high level representatives from the business sectors. Mr. Chen Biao, secretary general of CHTF Organizing Committee, elaborated on the agenda of CHTF 2017 and progress of the preparation in the press conference, chaired by Mr. GAO Yuyue, deputy secretary general of the Organizing Committee and deputy secretary general of Shenzhen.

Highlights---Innovation driven development in line with the national strategy

CHTF 2017, to be convened from Nov.16 to 21, 2017 will feature innovation driven upgrade on quality supply and highlight the strategic new industries with a comprehensive and state of the art presentation of the information technology, high end manufacturing as well as development in biology, green and low carbon technology and digital innovation. Theme exhibitions include New Electronic Technology & Application Exhibition, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Exhibition, New Energy Exhibition, Green Buildings Exhibition and New Material Exhibition. As a driving force for the state’s innovativeness, the CHTF will present cutting edge technologies, in particular, in sectors like the AI Manufacturing, Smart Home, the 5th Generation Mobile Communication, Big Data, Graphene, Internet +, Smart Car, Cloud Computing, Sport Health, 3D printing and material, Green Building, water treatment and purification, energy storage and civil application of military devices in line with the nation’s strategy for development.

In his briefing, Mr. Chen Biao referred to the implementation of agendas reached in the 18th National Congress of the CPC and the successive plenary sessions and pointed out that the success of CHTF 2017 is of great significance to the nation’s innovation driven development as the year 2017 is essential to the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the further reform on the supply end.

Focal points of CHTF 2017 as bench mark event of industries.

As Mr. Chen Biao pointed out in his meeting with the press, CHTF 2017, as a wind vane for the science and technology sector, contains five focal points.

I Innovation-driven Quality Supply

CHTF 2017 will feature discoveries in rising sectors of strategic significance and cross sectors and prioritize participations from leading companies, new products and cutting edge technology. This wind vane event in the science and technology sector will present a wide range of key technologies, core technologies as well as state of the art technologies from leading companies at home and abroad.

II Restructuring and Upgrade for an Integrated Development of the Industries.

 The CHTF will put the strategic and future industries under the limelight. This wind vane event for new industries will showcase the latest development in information technology, energy efficiency and environment protection, new energy, new material, high-end equipment, biology, life science, aviation and space flight, civil application of military technology. It will also demonstrate new integrations between industries and information technologies via Internet Plus and between manufacturing and information technology.

III Start-up in Innovation for Dynamic Growth

Inspired by the Premier’s call for starts-up and innovation, the CHTF will open two new exhibitions for start-ups and mak-ers with a view to encouraging innovation. These two exhibitions will experiment with innovative ideas. And sideline events will include the Night of the Mak-ers.

IV Quality Services for Good Innovation Ecology

The CHTF anticipates participation from government administrations, business management, research institutions, laboratories, financial institutions, agencies and other platforms that provide financial services to the science sector. Trainings in financing, project roadshow for financing and matchmaking meetings will enable participants to share experience and receive relevant training, as they may also benefit from other services like consultation, evaluation and promotion. The CHTF aims to facilitate the industrialization of the scientific achievements by optimizing the innovation ecology.

V  Openess and Convergence for Stronger International Cooperation

The CHTF will substantially increase the participation of administrations, business associations, trade unions and vips from countries along the Belt and Road, as a Belt and Road Pavilion will be open this year in line with the nation’s great initiative. As a platform for international cooperation in innovation, the CHTF will invite renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, economists of international influence to participate and exhibitors will consist of leading companies, universities and research institutions.

 Preparation roll out in full scale and application for the 2017 CHTF continue to flood in

Theme pavilions and sections of relevant ministries will display cutting edge technologies at the state level, orchestra high end releases and stage professional forums. Exhibitors from provinces, cities and autonomous regions, like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong will join as group and have their own pavilions. Tsinghua University, Beijing University and Fudan University will stage research presentations respectively. Exhibitors from Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Bahrain and Malaysia show strong interests in the 2017 CHTF. Argentina, Armenia will have their debuts in CHTF this year. Group exhibitors will also include Daejeon City, Hong Kong Software Industry Association, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association. The 2017 CHTF also received positive response from VIA Technologies, Baidu, BOE, CGN, Huawei, ZTE, iSoftstone, CSOT, China Satcom Group.

   The CHTF will stage overseas exhibitions in Bahrain, Estonia and Germany and preparations are in full swing.

(1.First Meeting of CHTF Organizing Committee)

(2.Press Conference of CHTF 2017)

(3.Press Conference of CHTF 2017)

(4. Mr. Chen Biao, vice mayor of Shenzhen, and deputy director general and secretary general of CHTF Organizing Committee)

(5:Mr. Gao Yuyue, deputy secretary general of CHTF Organizing Committee and deputy secretary general of Shenzhen)