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CHTF 2017 in Full Sail
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-04-30

On April 27, 2017, the press conference of  China Hi-Tech Fair 2017 officially unveiled the prelude of “the No.1 Technology Show in China”. As an exhibition with history of 18 successive sessions, CHTF 2017 will amaze the public again with fascinating breakthrough in technology and out-of-the box thinking, according to the officials of the Organizing Committee at the press conference. Here are some previews of this most sought after scientific and technological fair in China.

Preview 1 China speed in science and technology

Technology bloom in response to China’s Innovation driven development strategies.

Over the past few years, breaking news from China in science and technology reached an unprecedented scale. Eye catching headlines like“the first quantum communication satellite”, “the fastest Supercomputer”, “the first graphene battery”, “the speedy delivery in China’s logistics industry”, “the swift expansion of China’s high-speed railway network”, and “the huge popularity of China’s smart phone in India and Africa”, fascinated the readers with stories of the technology bloom in China.

And every year, during each CHTF, China proudly releases thousands of its independently developed high tech products in Shenzhen. As the exhibition grows in size and expands from 20,000 square meters to 150,000 square meters, the soaring engagement of Chinese start-ups and enterprises with independent technology enables them to set the tone for the CHTF. The World Factory is turning itself into a nation with strong science and technology.

How to better display the innovation and technology independently developed in China will be a priority on the agenda of CHTF 2017, according to the Organizing Committee. Officials said, CHTF 2017 will display  Chinese most representative and state-of-the-art technologies, products and achievements of key projects conducted by ministries, national academies, research institutes, enterprises, research bases, laboratories, R&D centers and industry alliances, as a response to the National Scheme to Build Science and Technology power in line with the Innovation driven Development strategy and the National Strategy of Quality Power.

As China grows from large internet users base to large internet inventors base (a quote of President Xi Jinping), CHTF will be hosting multiple high-end technology forums and events for state-level technology and product launches . These brain-storm events between leading players will facilitate the industrialization of technology in China, fuel up the technology upgrade and transformation of enterprises and champion the growth of Chinese enterprises in the international market.

Preview 2: Technology from the future

Futuristic tech will make you see the World from a totally new perspective.

As we are pondering how the future will look like, the future has unveiled just in front of us. In the “foreseeable” future presented by CHTF 2016, there were biscuits and clothes made by 3D printing technology, factories that exist only on line, toils completed by robots in a blink of eyes, automobiles with no carbon dioxide emission, drones of huge diversity, the other side of life unfolded by VR glasses and the storage of our genes in a tiny little USB flash disk.

Scientific breakthrough of revolutionary significance and cutting edge technologies of global interests are the other two priorities for CHTF. Every year, CHTF hit the headlines with hot spot topics, such as the accessibility of wearable equipment to ordinary players in 2014, the first Unmanned System Exhibition that directly led to the blossom of the drone industry in 2015, and the 100 events and functions under the umbrella of VR in 2016.

The rising industry of strategic importance and the future industry will another highlight.

CHTF 2017 will see the debut of three new exhibitions, the New Material Exhibition, the Intelligent Medical and Health Exhibition and the Exhibition for the Civil Application of Military Technology. They will present respectively the latest development in the new generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, new material, high-end equipment, biology, life science, aviation and space flight and the civil applications of military technology. In addition, they will accommodate new industries and business models born from the integration of Internet plus, industrialization and informatization, as well as the integration between information technology and manufacturing.

Hundreds of technology seminars, salons, product releases as well as technology events held by exhibitors and functions by groups will be staged over CHTF 2017, putting the new industry, new products, and new technology constantly under the limelight.

Preview 3: The Force of the youth

Let every seed of the creativity tree grow.

 It is cool to be a mak-er yet tough to start-up your own business. Young talents with dreams often find it most challenging to attract angel investments to their start-ups.

Yet, the Mak-er Exhibition opened just two years ago has been proved phenomenal as hundreds of chic and fun, economically and socially promising projects flood in, ranging from Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent Transportation Assistance, to 3D and mobile APP, and arouse huge interests among the investors.

Therefore a must-see of CHTF 2017 has to be the Start-up and Mak-er Exhibition. Inspired by the Premier’s call for starts-up and innovation nationwide, CHTF 2017 will be a platform for ideas,innovations, and creation, open to start-ups, micro and small enterprises of science and technology, innovators, college graduates, innovation team and mak-ers at home and abroad.

The Exhibition offers a wide range of services, from project financing training, financing meetings, match-making meetings, procurement meeting of overseas buyers, to the Mak-er’s Night, Top 10 Products of Popularity and the Experience Zone, with a view to optimizing the innovation ecology and facilitating the industrialization of technology in the nation.

Preview 4: Connect the world

Stay open and try to connect. As we go global with the help of technology, Chinese people may as well benefit from the progress of global technology.

Like internet which connects the global village, in the future, chips might have all things on this village firmly connected. CHTF, the largest and most influential one in China, has managed to attract over 600,000 visits from 97 countries and regions to this exhibition in 2016. Science and technology bind the World with their own magic.

Visiting CHTF is an eye opening experience, where you will find a sea of national flags and be surrounded by the World most promising talents. These talents join each other in China with state-of-the-art products for opportunities and cooperation.

And that leads to the last but not least high light, i.e., the expansion of this international exchange platform and the growing family of our overseas exhibitors. In addition to a larger and better Belt and Road Exhibition, CHTF will stage overseas exhibitions in Bahrain, Estonia and Germany. Guest speakers of CHTF 2017 will include established scientists, accomplished executives and top economists, among other celebrities of the day.