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Smart Healthcare Exhibition to Debut at CHTF 2017!
News sources:CHTF Organizing Committee Release Date:2017-07-26

As we step into the big data era, various technologies are constantly emerging to change the whole healthcare industry. It’s getting easier to get access to personal healthcare. For example, the Internet allows us to make medical care appointments on the smartphone.

Debut of CHTF 2017 Smart Healthcare Exhibition

Smart Healthcare Exhibition is a new exhibition at CHTF 2017, which will be held in Hall 2, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 16-21, 2017.

It will focus on a wide range of new products and technologies on the whole industry chain, including mobile healthcare, telemedicine, APP, big data & cloud, physical examination, rehabilitation, precision medicine, household medicine, wearable electronics, sports & health, massage/physiotherapy, smart nursing solutions, medical big data and pharmaceutical electricity supplier etc.

Domestics and Overseas Market Resources will be Provided

The exhibition will integrate all available resources to facilitate the trading among manufacturers, distributors and consumers, and build convenient and diversified marketing channels.

While continuing to attach great importance to the domestic market, the exhibition will also introduce more overseas resources so as to expose exhibitors to more global buyers.

Exhibiting Categories:

♦  Medical big data:

Medical big data; electronic medical records (EMR) management system; healthcare information system (HCIS); telemedicine; chronic diseases management, etc.

♦  Mobile healthcare:

Mobile healthcare software, APP, big data cloud; smart terminal hardware; home healthcare hardware; wearable healthcare hardware, massage physiotherapy equipment, medical beauty electronic hardware; IoT + experience service; precision medicine, etc.

♦  Smart nursing:

Smart nursing platform services; smart nursing terminal hardware, etc.

♦  Medical e-commerce:

Online pharmacy; online medication consultation; 020 drug delivery platform, etc.

♦ Application of medical electronic components & smart hardware

During the exhibition, Mobile Healthcare China and other seminars will be held, on which renowned experts and entrepreneurs will be invited to share insights.

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